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April 19, 2005

Customers commemorate Fiorina duty with shirts and caps

Although HP’s ousted CEO did not officially cancel the vendor’s HP 3000 future, the high-profile Carly Fiorina did push the company further away from such high-profit, proprietary products. Now an online company has started selling clothing to let HP employees and customers celebrate the end of what some call the Carly Fiorina Years. Shopping at yields clothing for those who emerged without changes to their employment, while caters to those no longer in the same job after her tenure.

Café Press is an online marketplace that offers sellers turnkey e-commerce services for apparel and other items, customized with logos. The Carly store also has a sense of humor; customers who order the Carly Victim beer stein can buy the mug for $2 less than the Carly Survivor stein, “discounted here in deference to the unemployed.”

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