Celebrate the 3000 Renaissance

A streak of success where you celebrate the renaissance

Welcome to The 3000 NewsWire, the first independent newsletter dedicated to your HP 3000 business server. We'd like to take credit for having the vision to serve your information needs. But we really can't boast of having a eagle-eye view of a hidden demand. We've watched the HP 3000 community for more than a decade, and it's hard for anybody to miss such a success streak.

The HP 3000 is in a renaissance, riding the success of its customers. All around MPE environments, other systems go down, fail and struggle online. The HP 3000 takes the field every day. If computers were baseball players, the HP 3000 would be the Cal Ripken of the league. In 1995 Cal broke Lou Gerhig's major league record for most consecutive games played, and Cal played in the same share of innings during this 2,131 games as the HP 3000's average uptime: 99-plus percent. Cal is steady, productive and not flashy -- but respected by those who watch closely.

Those are traits of the HP 3000, a system we have watched closely for many years. About two seasons after Cal began his 13-year streak, I started chronicling news and improvements in the HP 3000. While waiting for the arrival of PA-RISC computing, sites like yours were glad to teach what they knew about information systems, MPE, Image databases and business computing. They still are. We learn together, growing with the able instruction of hardware marvels and software legends.

We're here on your screens because the legendary, Ripkenesque performance of the HP 3000 deserves more attention. Where attention goes, energy flows, and we'll shine our light exclusively on the best-performing business computer.

The HP 3000 has made the companies associated with it successful, and it can help yours succeed as well. Very small companies along with giants like Hertz, General Electric and Southwest Airlines have built fortunes around this system. You can too, following the advice of fellow customers and HP 3000 experts here. We're here to make this 3000 success streak as much fun as any pastime.

Ron Seybold, Editor In Chief
Dottie Lentz, Publisher