May 2005

May 2005

MPE Networking BOF to mix it up at HP World

HP engineer James Hofmeister and OpenMPE director Donna Garverick have contacted Gayle Crossley at Interex to express an interest in establishing a new HP 3000 “Birds Of a Feather” (BOF) meeting at this summer’s HP World conference. The BOF called “MPE Networking” for is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 17 from 5:30-7.

“We have been busy,” Hofmeister reported to the 3000 community over the Internet, “and I believe we have already secured funds and sponsors to provide refreshments.” The MPE veterans were inspired by last year’s final SIG-COBOL meeting, catered with champagne and snacks while a trivia game wrapped up the meeting.

“One of the questions we had was if the attendees would be most interested in a MPE “people” networking (pre-party-party), or if you would be interested in a combination of MPE networking “technical content” to go along with the MPE “people” networking (pre-party-party),” Hofmeister asked.

The MPE networking and FTP guru plans to “work on a FTP/iX security brown bag, so if folks were interested I could present a small part of that. Garverick is involved in SAR-OX implementation with networking and could speak on that. “Quite a few others [in the community] are knowledgeable with networking and may be interested in discussing MPE networking and migrations. If we kept it down to 10 minutes per topic, we should still have plenty of time for the pre-party-party.” Contact Hofmeister with ideas for presentations or the party-party at