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January 1999
NewsWire Briefs
Query patches fix
database bugs

HP announced it has patches for Query that let the utility operate correctly with the dynamic master datasets (MDX) TurboIMAGE feature included in MPE/iX 5.5 Express 3 and later. If sites have MDX enabled, Query’s FIND, MULTIFIND and LIST ALL do not find all entries if number of entries is greater than the initial (primary) capacity. When one database has TPI enabled and a second does not, the error BAD MODE is incorrectly returned on a MULTIFIND.

The patch for Query fixes these problems, but managers will need to be operating under MPE/iX 6.0 to install the patch. All patches for MPE 6.0 require a new version of Patch/iX (B.01.01) if Patch/iX is used to install the patch. AUTOPAT is an alternative way to install such patches.

James Overman of the HP CSBU in Roseville reported that several other patches are available from HP: TRXKXF6 for Transact, BRWKXF3 for Business Report Writer, BWRKXG7 for BRW run-time and INFKXH6 for Inform.

VPlus patch fixes 6.0’s
date intrinsic problems

HP rolled out patch VPLKXL6 to fix the VPlus shipping with MPE/iX 6.0 for Year 2000 use, after customers reported some date intrinsics began to fail under 6.0. A customer reported that his Year 2000 tests involving JCW VSETNEXTCENTURY failed after running safely in MPE/iX 5.5.

VPlus in MPE/iX 6.0 should have been version B.06.07, the version HP engineered specifically to include date features for Year 2000 work. But HP shipped version B.06.06 of VPlus by mistake on 6.0. Patch VPLJXG3A brought the VPlus in MPE/iX 5.5 up to snuff, ever since PowerPatch 2 of 5.5. HP said that the Y2K version of a VPLUS SL segment didn’t make it to the 6.0 release, even though 5.5 version of the patch VPLJXG3 had the right SL segment.

WRQ supports euro,
nixes buyout rumor

After a reorganization round at HP connectivity supplier WRQ, the company is ready to move products to market faster — and is not a takeover target by Attachmate Corp., according to a WRQ spokesperson.

A published report in a recent Infoworld issue about WRQ being on the trading block has no substance in fact, according to vice president Kevin Klustner.

“As a member of the board of directors and the Executive Committee of WRQ, I can assure you that there is no truth to the rumor that Attachmate is in the process of acquiring WRQ,” Klustner said. “Pure nonsense.”

WRQ spokesperson Linda Lewis said the purpose of the reorganization is “to be getting new products to market a little bit faster and focus on the lines of business we have.” Klustner became the vice president of products and marketing at the firm. WRQ is now made up of business units devoted to Reflection products, Express products, and a business unit for network access management such as the company’s @Guard product for PC Web browser users.

WRQ also recently announced its Reflection 7.0 product line supports the euro, which 11 European countries began converting currency to this month. Reflection products will recognize input and display of the new euro symbol, enabling users to compute in euros. The company, which has branch offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany and the UK, added that its own accounting operations are ready to work with euros as well.

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