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HP 3000 Visions
for 1999

January, 1999

We are expecting that the momentum, excitement, activity and overall HP 3000 “buzz” that started in 1998 will continue. Simultaneously, HP will continue to aggressively pursue new opportunities with regard to products and awareness of those products within the market.

What kind of expansion are you expecting in the HP 3000 channel in the next year?

Resellers will be a big focus for the HP 3000 channel in 1999. The HP Commercial Systems Division is very upbeat about its current distributor and reseller base. We also anticipate increased partnering and channel activity, and we will focus on the true Best in Class reseller partners to increase value from the reseller channel.
In addition, CSY will renew its push into engaging and partnering with strategic ISVs, as well as establishing better relationships with key ISVs. This will be accomplished through developing stronger HP 3000 messaging and solutions from HP 3000 ISVs.

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Art Garcia

HP 3000 Americas Region Business Manager

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