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HP 3000 Visions
for 1999

January, 1999

In 1999 I think 6.0 should have a significant impact on the community. With Samba, Apache and Java officially being supported, it should open a lot of previously closed doors. For me personally, it means I can formally put this software into production and allow our MPE programmers to start using these new tools. I’m most excited about Apache! I can finally serve up IMAGE-based information directly off the box that’s storing the data — and not have to go through all sorts of hoops to move the data onto some other machine.

What improvement in the 3000’s administration capabilities are you most grateful for this year?

There’s some potentially good stuff coming with multiple job queues, but that’s still down the road. I could say the same about store-to-disc — we can finally solve the ‘MOVER’ problem. I’d love to see better performance monitoring software come from HP. With the ‘official death’ of Perfview, HP’s created a huge hole in my ‘bag of tricks’. Remember, I wasn’t that thrilled with Perfview to begin with, but now there’s nothing (from HP, that is).

1998 brought 100-base-T support to MPE machines. This is great! Now an MPE server can do just that. I also should mention the great CI enhancements that we got this year; ‘listfile,access’ may be at the top of my favorites list. CSY (and Jeff Vance in particular) did a wonderful job with the newacct/group, purgeacct/group UDCs. Since 3000s keep getting bigger and bigger, private volumes are becoming facts of life for a system manager rather than exotic or geeky features. These new UDCs go a long way to smooth over these commands’ idiosyncrasies.

Donna Garverick

Chair, SIG-Sysman

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