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HP 3000 Visions
for 1999

January, 1999

1999 should be a critical year for the HP 3000. Most users I believe will be consumed by Y2K issues. We have seen a tremendous distraction in the last few months in this area. HP 3000 users are focusing on this issue almost 100 percent. As a result of this we are expecting a flat year in terms of revenue growth. This could change but we think most users will not have the time to look at any products other than Y2K tools. This is, in fact, why we decided to market a Y2K tool called TimeWarp.

1999 is also an important window of opportunity for CSY. HP 3000 sales will be very healthy, in my opinion, because of upgrades and sites adding more CPU horsepower. HP will not be the one driving this sales surge [so much] as it will be the impending Y2K issue (of course they will take credit for the sales success). Most users cannot make a major change to their platforms at this late date, so the decision in most cases is to keep the box and add to it if necessary.

Once Y2K comes and goes and the world still stands, the HP 3000 faces a most uncertain future. Without competitive applications on the HP 3000 the platform is destined to die a slow and painful death. Solutions sell new boxes and are the reasons users will keep their existing boxes. CSY must speed up its efforts to attract new applications to the platform or identify existing applications that can be renewed. So far I have been very discouraged by the HP efforts in this area. I really don’t see how hardware engineers can turn this around. HP needs to find someone with an applications software background to head this effort up.

I know there are some people in the HP community who think new applications can be written. I don’t think this is practical. It took us two years to build and deliver our ODBC driver on the HP 3000. If these applications are not in the pipeline now, it is too late. I believe HP needs to look to existing applications (either port or renewal).

Besides, if MiniSoft were considering building a new application it would probably be targeted on an NT or AS/400 platform, not on the HP 3000. In any case, the window of opportunity is still open, but HP must seize this moment.

What changes do you see for the coming year for HP 3000 connectivity?

HP connectivity will continue to be enhanced in 1999. There will be new ways to connect an HP 3000 to the world. In addition to ODBC, ADBC, and other proprietary middleware there will be the introduction of JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). There will also be more sites implementing some form of thin client software where the emulation does not reside on each individual client. For example Metaframe/NT, Citrix Winframe, and the Java Thin-Clients. Our Javelin product is an example of the Java Thin Client model.

Doug Greenup




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