Hidden Value details commands and procedures in MPE that can improve your productivity with HP 3000 systems.

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I normally do an MPEX ALTFILE to increase the file limit of a KSAM/XL file when the end of file approaches the file limit. Is there a better way of removing deleted records than by just increasing the file limit each time the file starts to fill up? Is there a simple way of removing deleted records from a KSAM/XL file without increasing its FLIMIT?

Ron Horner replies:

In the building of the KSAM/XL file, you can add option ;reuse. This will allow the system to reuse any space left by deleted records.

I’m running the A-Class and N-Class 3000s. How do I detect in a CI script if my system has multiple CPUs?

James Hofmeister replies (the system name is aleta):

You can use SNMP on the 3000:
:snmpget.net.sys aleta public &

:snmpget.net.sys aleta public &

Name: hp.nm.system.general.mpeXLSystem.processor.numActive.0
Integer: 1

:snmpget.net.sys aleta public &

Name: hp.nm.system.general.mpeXLSystem.processor.numPresent.0
Integer: 1

The following messages appeared in my console log yesterday afternoon. Do I need to be concerned?

MPS: installed device clone as major 1
MPS: installed device sad as major 121
MPS: installed device pipe as major 137
MPS: installed module sw2proc
MPS: installed module sc
MPS: installed module pipemod
MPS: installed device log as major 122
MPS: installed module timod
MPS: installed module tirdwr
MPS: installed device loop as major 124
Starting Streams/iX memory freeze process [pin 66]
Starting Streams/iX memory release process [pin 71]
Starting Streams/iX scheduler [pin 84]

James Hofmeister replies:

These are the startup messages for the Streams/iX subsystem. Typical applications which use the Streams/iX subsystem on MPE/iX are: Web Servers, Sendmail and most common the POSIX “|” HPPIPE command.
The startup messages are not of concern, but it is good to keep in mind that you are using Streams/iX and that you should have the current General Release streams “STR” patch installed.

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