February 2005

OpenMPE expects more candidates than vacancies for its board

The volunteer advocacy group OpenMPE is having its annual election this month for directors, and 2005 promises more candidates than open board slots. Last year’s elections, which drew a total of 103 voters, saw six candidates campaigning for just as many open seats, including resignations. Paul Edwards and Alan Tibbets, directors who filled seats last year where directors resigned, will run again for full terms. Ron Horner is resigning his seat, citing extra duties in his consulting business. Another director who won’t run for re-election, Mark Klein, is departing to make himself available for the MPE source code audit work at HP later this year.

Edwards said he’s running for re-election “to be around on the board and see what happens this year.” 2005 is the year HP will announce its decision on releasing source code for MPE outside of HP. Regardless of HP’s decision about MPE’s future outside of HP labs, OpenMPE plans to participate in the HP audit of source code, Edwards said. The results of the audit will factor into HP’s source code decision. The company hasn’t given any early indicators of when they’ll announce that decision.

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