January 2005

HP’s other business OS got its Itanium chops

The port that seemed important at the time for MPE/iX arrived for OpenVMS in mid-January, when HP rolled out the version of the operating system for Digital users on Itanium processors. OpenVMS 8.2 also runs on the AlphaServer platform, a carryover from the Digital product line that is being dropped from HP’s product line like the HP 3000.

Digital execs were still in charge when the company made the decision to port OpenVMS in 2001; at about the same time, HP was electing to halt its MPE/iX port to Itanium. HP executive VP Ann Livermore used the “strategic” sop for the VMS faithful, something the HP 3000 customers have heard about MPE/iX, too. “OpenVMS continues to be a strategic platform for HP,” she said. “ With OpenVMS now supporting Integrity Servers, we have expanded our multi-OS capability.”

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