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October 2004

Boosting your e3000 productivity

MPE Quickstart for Unix Users

By Robert Green

Based on the technical support calls that we are receiving this year, it appears that many HP 3000 systems are being put in the care of staff with only Unix and Windows experience. So we have decided to write a series of introductions to MPE for these lucky souls.

Cross Reference from
Unix Commands to MPE Commands

First thing you need to know is that MPE has Unix-like features integrated into it (via Posix), but most applications and software programs were written with the non-Posix features. Basic MPE consists of a single shell (the command interpreter) and a file system that has only three levels (user, group, account) but has many file attributes including record size/type, max file size, extents and passwords (called lockwords).

The third-party product MPEX from VEsoft is an alternate shell, as is sh.pub.sys (the Posix shell). The cross reference list below is adapted from an inverse list by Neil Armstrong of Robelle.

UNIX Command Equivalent MPE Command
sh command interpreter, mpex or posix shell
ksh command interpreter, mpex or posix shell
csh command interpreter, mpex or posix shell
.profile (sh) option logon in UDC
ksh $r, csh %! while do, do until
< file (input) < file
> file (output) > file
>> file (append) >> file (append)
<< hereis doc Not supported
scripts command files, udc
# at start of line comment
command & Not supported, use job
cmd1 && cmd2 Not supported
$r(ksh),%!(csh) redo
x=v;export NAME setvar
abortjobkill [-9] abortio
adduser newuser
at stream
batch stream
cancel deletespoolfile
cd chdir
chmod, passwd altacct
chmod, passwd altgroup
chmod file altsec file
chmod, passwd altuser
cp copy
cpio store
date showtime
dc calc
df, bdf discfree, dstat
du diskuse,report
echo echo,r print
ed editor, quad or qedit
env showvar
exit bye, exit, eoj
fbackup (hp-ux) store
fc -1 (sh) listredo
fi endif
ftp ftp, dscopy
if then else if then else
history listredo
hostname showme
login hello, job
logname showme
kill [-9] abort
ld linkedit
lpq showout
lprm deletespoolfile
lpstat showout
ls listf, listfile
man help
mesg -n set msg off
mkdir newdir,newacct,newgroup
more print
mv rename
printenv showvar
ps showproc, showq
pwd pwd
rwall warn
reboot -h =shutdown
rm purge
rmdir purgegroup,purgeacct
sed editor, quad, qedit
setenv setvar
su god (3rd party vesoft)
symbolic link file equation, posix link
tar store
touch build
unset,unsetenv deletevar
users showjob
vi qedit
wall warn
whence help
whoami showme
while...do...done while do endwhile
write tell

Next month, explaining what you did when you first logged onto MPE and what it all means.

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