January 2005

Rosetta Store will speed IMAGE-Eloquence transfer

The Allegro/ORBiT software product Rosetta Store will be helping 3000 sites shift data away from their IMAGE databases this quarter. New versions of both products now in beta test “can convert an MPE IMAGE database into an Eloquence database in a matter of minutes,” said Allegro Consultants VP Gavin Scott, using new high-speed bulk-loading features Allegro has developed.

Scott adds that Rosetta Store’s new version can now migrate all chain information as well as the data, “meaning that not only do you retain the ‘primary chain’ order as you would with most ordinary IMAGE tools, but in fact you retain the ordering of all paths in each dataset. So if you have applications that are dependent on the ordering of records in the database, it’s possible for the first time to transfer this information into another database.”

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