February 2005

HP remains interested in 3000 improvements

Another Systems Improvement Ballot (SIB) may be on tap for this spring, following an HP request that asked for customers’ enhancement requests. Even though some inside HP’s labs have doubts about the vendor’s ability to execute new enhancements, HP’s liaison to the 3000 community asked the OpenMPE board to gauge interest in what director John Burke called “another, probably final” SIB.

OpenMPE was calling for requests though the 3000-L mailing list and the OpenMPE list. Customer response was light through the beginning of February, even though many MPE/iX enhancements need to be ported back to releases earlier than 7.5. “Back-porting existing 7.5-only patches could be a SIB 2005 item,” said HP’s Jeff Vance, “but so far there seems to be little customer interest in pursuing a SIB ‘05.”

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