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HP 3000 Visions
for 1999

January, 1999

1998 marked the renaissance of the HP 3000: We announced our intent to support IA-64, ensuring a road map to the future for this technology classic. CSY also announced refocused business objectives targeting new vertical markets, and subsequently acquired Open Skies, Inc. I anticipate that during 1999 we will continue reaching the goals we set in 1998. These goals include extending our business to the vertical markets we’ve identified, as well as developing IA-64-ready boxes for the future.

How do you expect CSY’s plan to address customer enhancement requests to change this year?

In 1999, we plan to facilitate enhancements through contractors and consultants whenever possible. This will allow us to focus engineering resources on moving the HP 3000 to next-generation platforms, while enabling third parties to add value by helping customers implement overall solutions.

In some cases, we may have to trade off short-term enhancements for future platform functionality. Given the need to focus on critical areas for future development (such as IA-64), we’ll require a specific skill set for this task which is likely to come from focused, in-house engineering talent.

Harry Sterling

General Manager,
HP 3000 Division


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