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March 2005

3000’s sendmail release more current than HP-UX version

3000 customers who use sendmail to transport messages to and from their MPE systems can now download version 8.13.1 from the HP Response Center. The software, which HP includes in its Fundamental Operating System releases of MPE/iX, is now more up to date than the version HP ships for the HP-UX operating system.

The latest version includes installation scripts which set up sendmail with the correct permissions. “Folks, this is monumental!” said systems manager Mark Landin over the 3000-L mailing list. “The latest sendmail release for HP-UX (supplied by HP, rather than having to compile it yourself) is 8.11.1. HP-UX is actually behind MPE/iX in networking software.”

Jeff Kell, a systems manager at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, explained that the Unix environment for the HP 9000s HP must maintain compatibility with older HP mail software. “HP-UX has had to carry the burden of OpenMail and OpenDesk integration all along,” he said.

Customers can download the latest version of sendmail from HP at


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