December 1998

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The 918DX is selling — to different developers

HP reported that its Series 918DX Developer’s HP 3000 is selling far better than expected, although the system isn’t going out to as many new developers as hoped. The $7,000 system (along with its $14,000 of support commitments) is shipping to at least as many existing developers of commercial MPE/iX software as converts to the 3000 fold. You get it by joining HP’s Solution Provider Program (SPP) then asking for the system You can call 888.999.HPTF for information on leasing or renting the system once you’re in the SPP. Details on joining ($850 yearly) are at /howtojoin.html

Kriss Rant of CSY — now in charge of Alliance Development — reported that “The 918DX program has been quite successful, at least from an order perspective. Although it is being primarily used by existing ISVs who are modernizing their existing applications and tools, we are starting to see some interest among tool providers interested in using it to port to the HP 3000. There are no specific success stories that I can point to at this point, but I am confident that these will occur in time.” Rant added that “CSY is currently exploring ways to increase ISV activity, especially in the application area, by stepping up our marketing efforts. In addition, we plan to expand SPP MPE/iX services to align more closely with standard services that are currently available to HP-UX ISVs.” You can get all the 918DX details at http://jazz.external.hp

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