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Welcome to the only news resource completely dedicated to the HP 3000 business computing system, Hewlett-Packard HPe3000 models, MPE and MPE/iX operating environments, and its community of experts, vendors and customers.

Our News blog (headlines below) is our most timely source of information. It provides an every-business-day report of key developments about the HP3000 and the e3000 community, especially in the Transition era -- events and information for customers either migrating or homesteading. Breaking news is updated each business day at our links below.

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Find it on our websites. The archives of our 20 years of HP3000 and MPE/iX news, all hardware and support announcements, software updates and alliances, transition plans, homesteading strategies -- plus a history of your community -- are at our Article Search pages. Research our printed editions, the Online Extra and FlashPaper since 1996, plus the every-weekday news blog, published since 2005.

Ron Seybold, Editor