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Blogs provide the richest experience when their entries contain many links. The NewsWire’s blog references our Web site’s reports through links. The 3000 community still needs the MPE/iX skills chronicled on the NewsWire’s site.

The blog also serves as an interactive forum and focal point for the 3000 community, both for those customers staying on the platform as well as those implementing a migration. Blog editors will help stock our blog with entries, each of which becomes a potential talking point for the 3000 community. Comments from customers and developers are already online. Each article offers a quick method to respond and see your opinions and information alongside our reports.

The most current developments will appear on the NewsWire’s blog first. As we assemble the quarterly issues for print, news stories and technical reports will appear on the main site as well.

Regular features of the NewsWire will continue. Our regular Q&A newsmaker interviews, HiddenValue tech tips and other established features are already appearing on the NewsWire’s blog. These articles and reports can now run with deeper details, enjoying the freedom of space a Web-based resource provides.

The blog is an interactive dialog place, a meeting place for conversation. Blogs are just an evolution of what the NewsWire has offered to its subscribers since 1995 — a Web-based news resource. Blogs add an easy method to interact with writers and community members. In blog format a Web site posts new entries on a regular basis.

An online product also enjoys reach that printed publications cannot deliver. In our mobile society, work happens in many locations, nearly all of which can be linked to the Internet. A blog thrives on regular updates, reasons to read while you’re away from the mailbox at your office or house. The odd hour when you check your e-mail can also include a peek at what’s new on our blog, another chance to connect with the community and its customers. The blog and Web pages also expand our message to international readers, using Google’s translation services.

There’s plenty left to learn. There’s no more dramatic, dynamic and interesting time for a computer platform than when the vendor steps out of the market. That’s especially true for the HP 3000, a computer whose profile is almost always mission-critical service. Many companies are still making decisions about how they will make their transition away from HP-supported 3000 service. There’s a lot of stories to tell, technical advice to carry forward, and opportunities to chronicle.


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