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2005 News Headlines
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January 2005

Ecometry extends its 3000 lifespan — After a buyout led by current CEO John Marrah and funded with equity capital, the e-commerce application vendor says that its customers can remain on their HP 3000s after HP’s December, 2006 deadline, simply by arranging for third-party support and updating their app.

Purchase order promises elude OpenMPE in 2004 — A campaign to get funding for the homesteading group’s labs falls short of its goals for 2005, so the organization will now turn to providing help to HP for MPE/iX source release

HP proceeds with MPE/iX source audit — Although the 3000’s vendor hasn’t decided if it will release operating system source to outside parties, HP is underway with a project to audit the source in a precursor to a possible release

Another 3000 app provider extended its MPE lifespan
HP continues its improvements to the 3000
HP's other business OS got its Itanium chops
HP combined its PC and printer businesses
Rosetta Store will speed IMAGE-Eloquence transfer
IBM switched its iSeries leadership
HP now supports sendmail for MPE/iX 6.5

Number 106

HP considers letting Fiorina manage less
New integration server emerges for HP 3000
HP unveils new midrange Integrity power
Apple rollout triggers analyst’s HP downgrade
Evolution to Integrity relies on Aries
HP World to draw on Dilbert fans

February 2005

HP ousts its CEO; customers ponder 3000's future — After HP forced Carly Fiorina’s resignation, HP 3000 customers weighed in with emotional comments on how the CEO's departure might change things. Or might not, according to a majority of customers filling the Internet with messages.

ERP provider offers to buy Speedware — A $200 million company with a strong distribution software portfolio has made a $114 million offer to buy the profitable parent corporation of one of HP’s Platinum migration partners

Migration strategies vary from in-house to outsource — As companies prepare to leave the HP 3000 for Unix systems, they rely on outside resources during their journey, even if they intend to be independent upon arrival at HP-UX

ROC builds on Seay open systems solution — A year after it bought open systems firm Seay Systems, ROC Software elevated spooling to the enterprise.

HP's Q1 report showed slight growth in HP-UX servers, but less profit
OpenMPE expects more candidates than vacancies
HP remains interested in 3000 improvements

Number 107

Voting for OpenMPE continues through Mar. 17
HP shows support for 3000-L list
Interex volunteers another free 3000 booth
Interex drops its 2005 Symposiums
License transfers still a 3000 business for HP
IBM pulls back from Itanium use

March 2005

Carly exits amid 3000 customer wishes — The CEO who hawked change as HP’s mission left HP in an ouster that made some customers hope for a change in the 3000’s fate. HP’s board looked unlikely to change course, however

OpenMPE boosts candidate slate for 2005 — This month’s election shows more interest than ever in directing the group that serves MPE’s future, as HP enters the year it will decide the post-2006 fate of the 3000’s source code.

HP labors over repair for IMAGE datasets — Engineers in HP’s labs have been toiling for months on a repair that could make an IMAGE enhancement reliable at last — more than a year after HP stopped selling 3000s

NewsWire Briefs

SIB requests for 3000 enhancements are surfacing for 2005, though a ballot process is still uncertain
Platinum migration partner MB Foster offers Eloquence training
The HP 3000’s sendmail release is now more up to date than the version being shipped with HP’s Unix servers

April 2005

HP seeks an outside evaluator for its MPE inspection — HP wants to determine if any outside engineer stands a chance of creating a new build of MPE/iX, in case the company decides it will license the software to a third party post-2006

NCR CEO Hurd to herd HP’s cats as new CEO — Analysts hail the appointment of the new CEO after he led another computing icon out of red ink

OpenMPE adds two new directors — A three week election returns all incumbents running for another term to the organization; customers miss the vote, but testify to the need for the advocacy group to continue its efforts

Audit tool helps 3000 sites pass SOX exam — Software first created to improve ERP information trails on the 3000 is expanding its reach this month, when Summit Solutions pushes its Audit Tool into the Sarbanes Oxley fray

HP nudges along new MPE enhancements — Mammoth-sized disk support and a range of FTP features to match those on HP-UX are starting to roll out from HP’s labs. But customers say they will need HP to put the improvements on more than the very latest release of the 3000’s operating system

Roundtable to deliver independent migration experts at HP World — Customer stories about migrations in progress have been an annual part of the Interex summer show. But this year’s conference will include a panel independent of HP that will deliver advice on alternative migration destinations

Transoft transitions to MPE software — After it fine-tuned its migration rule sets across an array of HP 3000 migrations, serviceware vendor Transoft now opens up its toolbox for sale to a 3000 community with a DIY mentality

HP quarter lifts revenue during Q2, but dips future guidance on next quarter
PA-RISC line nears its final processor rollout
3000 FTP gets better, but has limits
Unlock VPlus FORMS for other platforms
MPE Networking BOF to mix it up at HP World

Number 110

3000's LargeFile Datasets remain without an HP fix
Denial of Service flaw hits HP alternatives to 3000
Volokh empire adds another heir
Ecometry to serve faux fur supplier
HP invites criticism
Windows drives HP gains on IBM in server market
Unix-based solution tracks 3000 systems
HP's Hurd looks around, walks around businesses

June 2005

Windows winning more migration choices — When the vendor launched 3000 transitions, HP hoped to steer many of its HP 3000 customers onto other Hewlett-Packard platforms. But the largest share of migrating sites have turned to Windows for their 3000 replacement, according to a NewsWire survey in June.

System freeze stalls upgrade releases — Because HP 3000 customers are moving to lock down their installations for the sake of stability beyond 2006, testing to release MPE/iX enhancements is running behind schedule

Later-model used HP 3000s start to surface — N-Class servers represent the most advanced HP engineering for the 3000, but have been difficult to locate on the used market. Now they’re surfacing, and at a discount

HP takes a hard look at new requests — While HP has filled three Web pages with patches to improve the 3000 which need to be tested by users, the vendor is taking a hard look at new requests for engineering to enhance the system

Division split takes a small step back to the old HP
SOX gets less tangled for 3000 sites
Keeping perl updated: Now it's up to 3000 customers
Quest moves from Netbase to SQL savvy