June 2005

Quest moves from Netbase to SQL savvy

After creating and polishing the 3000 shadowing software Netbase, Quest Software has put a lot of its energy into managing SQL-based databases, especially the kind that are being asked to replace the HP 3000's TurboIMAGE.

Now Quest has come out with Toad for Oracle, a development and admin tool to build queries to Oracle databases. It's also got a more technical layer that lets a DBA debug SQL code, or create and modify database objects. A Flash movie (you need to have a Flash player installed in your browser) gives you a tour of Toad.

IMAGE could be complex to program, but the world of Oracle can make the 3000's database programming seem simple by comparison. Oracle is at the heart of solutions such as the Ecometry Web commerce application, so getting fluent with the SQL database might be easier with tools like Toad.

Quest has also done some migration boasting of late, talking about being the company which has helped along more 3000 migrations than any other. Quest has its Bridgeware solution to thank for the migration success. You can look over the offering at the company's Bridgeware Web page.

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