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Make SOX logging foolproof

SEC wants to know more about Hurd's HP arrival

WRQ's merger adds a business to its name

Editorial: Let the sun rise on some changes during HP's summer — Overdue change for 3000 owners? I would nominate the Series 9x7 limitations on operating systems. These systems, the equivalent of the Ford F-150 pickups, stand idle or lightly used in many places. They make a perfect test system for the patches HP’s been building. But the 9x7 only boots a 6.5 or earlier version of MPE. Those are releases in wide use, but far from HP’s to-do list for enhancements

Q&A: Gilles Schipper, Steadfast Support for Longstanding 3000s — After working in HP’s 3000 service organization, and running his own third party support firm since 1984, Gilles Schipper joins our new blog crew. He weighs in on the changes in prospects for third party supporters like his GSA firm, and how much cooperation 3000 sites might expect among third parties and with HP

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HP3000 news as of July 21, 2005

9x7 sites look to employ recent releases

Organizers in the OpenMPE advocacy group want HP to reconnect thousands of 3000s with more modern versions of MPE/iX — a way to help enhancements emerge from testing

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New NewsWire blog tracks 3000 daily — The 3000 NewsWire puts the power of the press in flight at the speed of light with an every-business-day blog

User exits upgrade 3000’s data migrations — A new HP 3000 utility can steer database migrations with a deeper level of program code flexibility, adding user exits to change data while it’s being converted to SQL formats

Windows winning more migration choices — HP hoped to capture its 3000 customers’ business when it told sites they should migrate. But the dominant target platform is not HP-UX, now that smaller shops are starting to move

System freeze stalls upgrade releases — Because HP 3000 customers are moving to lock down their installations for the sake of stability beyond 2006, testing to release MPE/iX enhancements is running behind schedule

Later-model used HP 3000s start to surface — N-Class servers represent the most advanced HP engineering for the 3000, but have been difficult to locate on the used market. Now they’re surfacing, and at a discount

HP takes a hard look at new requests — While HP has filled three Web pages with patches to improve the 3000 which need to be tested by users, the vendor is taking a hard look at new requests for engineering to enhance the system

HP nudges along new MPE enhancements — Mammoth-sized disk support and a range of FTP features to match those on HP-UX are starting to roll out from HP’s labs. But customers say they will need HP to put the improvements on more than the very latest release of the 3000’s operating system

Transoft transitions to MPE software — After it fine-tuned its migration rule sets across an array of HP 3000 migrations, serviceware vendor Transoft now opens up its toolbox for sale to a 3000 community with a DIY mentality

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HP shaved itself down for the summer heat

Interex yanked down its curtain just weeks before its moneymaking show

Going to San Francisco anyway?

Mail lists are on the move

Interex Web pages are still out there, way back

Go to the Big Easy instead

Easy and Affordable Backup Optimization, by Gilles Schipper — A new blog contributing editor explains how customers can improve performance at their 3000 sites without buying new systems. The key lies in DDS, a backup medium whose later generations such as HP Surestore give 3000s new IO speed

net.digest — Our Internet summary pays tribute to a departed voice who shared insights and knowledge on 3000-L, while we also track bar code advice, workarounds for FTP through newer net services, and expanding wildcards

Robelle Tech — Bob Green, with an assist from VEsoft’s Vladimir and Eugene Volokh, explains why giving SM capability to everyone’s account on your 3000s is a Really Bad Thing, no matter how much simpler it makes some things

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