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Editorial: Step back onto your path toward success — Life offers a rich challenge when we try to reclaim success. This month I join you in such a challenge, along with HP’s new CEO. Whether you’re an IT pro who solved the mysteries of datacomm in the 1980s and now must learn Linux, a corporate executive hired to revive another computer icon, or a bike rider trying to complete another course of 100-plus miles, we all have an interesting spring before us.

Q&A: Chuck Ciesinski, A New Face for the Legacy of Spirit — This new OpenMPE board member extends his volunteer journey, powered by decades of 3000 experience. We ask about the future of his career, which like many 3000 pros’, is taking new turns during 2005, as well as MPE’s years to come

News as of April 19, 2005

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HP seeks an outside evaluator for its MPE inspection

HP wants to determine if any outside engineer stands a chance of creating a new build of MPE/iX, in case the company decides it will license the software to a third party post-2006

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Leading News Articles
NCR CEO Hurd to herd HP’s cats as new CEO — Analysts hail the appointment of the new CEO after he led another computing icon out of red ink

OpenMPE adds two new directors — A three week election returns all incumbents running for another term to the organization; customers miss the vote, but testify to the need for the advocacy group to continue its efforts

Audit tool helps 3000 sites pass SOX exam — Software first created to improve ERP information trails on the 3000 is expanding its reach this month, when Summit Solutions pushes its Audit Tool into the Sarbanes Oxley fray

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Inside Vesoft: That Redo You Do, by Steve Hammond — Use the REDO command in MPEX to save time and conserve your energy

net.digest, edited by John Burke — Internet advice on the improvements in the 3000’s telnet, handling system aborts, RAID, sorting out which SYSSTART module executes on various reboots, and a drawer full of Quick Cuts

Robelle Tech — A Ken Robertson tutorial explains the 3000’s shell scripts and how they differ from Unix scripts; Robelle staff shows how to use Suprtool to find out which detail dataset has bad data when an automatic master bugs out