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Q&A: Kristi Browder, Leading an Offer of An Enterprising Group — Kristi Browder wants her user group to become your user group. Like many HP 3000 customers, the president of Encompass board of directors has been an enterprise computing user since the mid-1980s, starting with Digital’s PDP/11 systems. This year her group of 10,000 members wants to attract former members of Interex, rolling out a first-year-free offer and other discounts for members of the other HP user group

Editorial: New rituals can reduce year-end stress — This time of year in 2006 could be notably different for some HP 3000 shops. By this month, those sites which need to stick with a vendor’s support will need to be in the home stretch of their migration. HP is likely to honor support contracts for anybody who’s closing in on a switch to other HP enterprise servers. How close you’ll need to be depends on how much extra support you can negotiate with HP.

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Technology Forum convenes expertise at HP's expense

First HP-led show evokes HP World comparisons

The first HP Technology Forum delivered a splashy opening act inside the mammoth Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. HP’s leader of the Technology Solutions Group assured attendees that nothing was changing about HP’s strategy. But Ann Livermore delivered her keynote to an audience brimming with HP employees, one whose user group component was made up of Encompass and OpenView Forum members, rather than the familiar faces of HP 3000 community volunteers.

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Hands up for a 3000-only event in 2006 — The organizer of 2003’s World Wide Wake and 2004’s 3000 Community Networking booth leads out a stalking horse to ask: Would you attend a brief conference on the 3000 next year?

Nouveau network printing surfaces — After six years of requests and HP development, patches to link HP 3000s to non-HP printers emerge online

Software slices bakery’s migration problem — Although Itanium support from other vendors felt half-baked, Viking’s data entry solution rose up at Lewis

Seasoned trainers take over HP’s 3000 classes — After years of negotiations, a pair of third-party trainers can use MPE coursework to teach 3000 skills

User group wants to encompass 3000 sites — Encompass offers its first year of membership free to Interex members and discounts to $75 for others

Interex customers auctioned — HP wins the bidding for a list of more than 110,000 names in bankruptcy court, paying $66,500 to the Interex estate

Itanium line delays another chip’s arrival — After crowing about its imminent arrival at Orlando, HP learned Montecito’s speed won’t arrive until 2007

Blog steps up to replace some print editions —The 3000 NewsWire enters its second decade of service to the 3000 community with a change to its printed publication schedule, shifting from monthly to quarterly mailed issues that will highlight our new every-business-day blog reports.

HP’s virtual 3000 chief continues work on futures — Hosting OpenMPE’s August meeting at HP was an easy choice, according to e3000 business manager Dave Wilde. More complex decisions on the 3000’s future are still occupying “roughly half of my time,” he said in an interview just before the OpenMPE meeting.

New HP virtualization touts adaptive ease — HP 3000 customers on the move have heard HP talk up its Adaptive Enterprise for more than two years. This year might be the first when adapting gets easy enough and small enough for the typical 3000 enterprise.

Interex folds up user group, yanks down show — After 31 years of serving the HP community, the user group suddenly closed its doors, its publications and cancelled its annual conference, just weeks after final booth payments arrived in its offices

MPE will need an emulator to attract hobbyists— HP reported at this year's OpenMPE meeting that it will enable the time-honored tradition of a hobbyist's license for operating systems, giving the 3000 community a way to teach itself and experiment with MPE for non-commercial research and education

Eloquence, AcuCOBOL extend migration tools — While HP floundered with massive layoffs and HP’s oldest user group crashed, two vendors flew higher with new features for 3000 sites moving on with databases and apps

User exits upgrade 3000’s data migrations — A new HP 3000 utility can steer database migrations with a deeper level of program code flexibility, adding user exits to change data while it’s being converted to SQL formats

Windows winning more migration choices — HP hoped to capture its 3000 customers’ business when it told sites they should migrate. But the dominant target platform is not HP-UX, now that smaller shops are starting to move

System freeze stalls upgrade releases — Because HP 3000 customers are moving to lock down their installations for the sake of stability beyond 2006, testing to release MPE/iX enhancements is running behind schedule

Later-model used HP 3000s start to surface — N-Class servers represent the most advanced HP engineering for the 3000, but have been difficult to locate on the used market. Now they’re surfacing, and at a discount

HP takes a hard look at new requests — While HP has filled three Web pages with patches to improve the 3000 which need to be tested by users, the vendor is taking a hard look at new requests for engineering to enhance the system

HP nudges along new MPE enhancements — Mammoth-sized disk support and a range of FTP features to match those on HP-UX are starting to roll out from HP’s labs. But customers say they will need HP to put the improvements on more than the very latest release of the 3000’s operating system

Transoft transitions to MPE software — After it fine-tuned its migration rule sets across an array of HP 3000 migrations, serviceware vendor Transoft now opens up its toolbox for sale to a 3000 community with a DIY mentality

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Disaster Recovery Optimization Techniques, by Gilles Schipper — Integrate an SLT on the same tape as the full backup to simplified recoveries

Louisiana teachers retirement system retires its 3000 — When HP announced an end to e3000 support in 2001, the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana began looking seriously at what it would take to move their Speedware 4GL applications to Unix.

Robelle Tech — The HP 3000 universe seems lively as ever to Bob Green, as he takes a tour of the news resources and channels of communication from third parties, customer forums and HP’s work on the platform. Meanwhile, Robelle makes a splash of its own with a new product that works with AMXW

Hidden Value, by John Burke — This month's technical tips include advice on process limits for MPE/iX andhow BIGPIN expands them, how to calculate control block pages in IMAGESQL, and the tricks to making the 3000's FTP work with Unix systems

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