IPROF Management Roundtable

HP 3000 user license pricing relief

Q. How can I upgrade a 3000 CPU and obtain the same level of user license and not pay a disproportionate amount to get these software licenses? I know of two HP 3000 sites that are prime candidates for upgrading 9x7 or 955 boxes to 9x9 machines. Our major cost is not the hardware, but MPE and associated software. Both of us have been unable to get budget approval for these costs. Other people examining our quotes question the costs and I’ve tried to redirect our efforts to lower cost Unix boxes.

Does HP examine the user licensing on 9x9 boxes to have more user license options? I may need more CPU, but could live with a very small user license. I have over 300 users, but never exceed your 32-simultaneous user license. Why would I want to buy a hundred or unlimited license to satisfy the minimum license for a 9x9 box?

Roy Breslawski: First of all, I agree completely with the questions. We do need to address our upgrade pricing. We’ve heard this from a lot of customers. I’ve only been in this job for seven months and it’s probably the thing I’ve heard most commonly over the last few months since I finally figured out what people were asking. We do need to address this and we do need to do long term changes to our policies on upgrade prices, specifically.

We are looking at this restructuring the pricing of the user licenses across the product line for later this year. We will not address the entire issue in one shot. But you’re going to see a big change that I think is going to make people pretty happy overall, with a pretty wide range of upgrades, and then further changes later in the year.

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