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IPROF Management
Roundtable: Developing
Answers for Programmers
Panelists from right were HP's Winston Prather, V. S. Subrahmanyam, Roy Breslawski, Jim Sartain, Dave Wilde and SSD marketing manager Doug Blackwood, as well as Interex executive director Chuck Piercey.

Roundtable Topics

HP 3000 user license pricing relief

Making the Electronic Response
Center better for HP 3000 users

HP's 64-bit compiler strategies
for MPE/iX systems

An update on user-funded
enhancements for the HP 3000

918DX financing options:
improving its base configuation,
and why rental isn't a good option

Making included network printing
better on MPE/iX 5.5

Expanding the developer's bundle
to systems bigger than the 918DX

How to detect if a PowerPatch
is installed on a customer system

Putting MPE V source code
into public domain

Will the GNU C++ compiler
be supported by CSY?

Training HP support contract
administrators to recognize
PowerPatch 4 and Express 3

Does HP want another roundtable
for HP World 1998?

CI issues: extending the command
line buffer size

Bundling RPC into MPE/iX 6.0:
how much will be free?


Always a highlight of any Interex conference, the Management Roundtable at this year’s IPROF offered hope for upgrade pricing relief and a lengthy analysis of the viability of the 918DX developer’s bundle – hardly a surprise in a conference devoted to programmers.

HP assembled its leading CSY management for the roundtable, with the exception of general manager Harry Sterling. CSY panelists included marketing manager Roy Breslawski, R&D Lab Manager Winston Prather, R&D Lab Section managers Jim Sartain and Dave Wilde and V. S. Subrahmanyam, as well as SSD product marketing manager Doug Blackwood to address support and HP vintage product issues. Panelists were joined by Interex Executive Director Chuck Piercy

Follow the links to the left for full-text questions and answers on topics covered in the Roundtable.


Copyright 1998, The 3000 NewsWire. All rights reserved.

Copyright 1998 The 3000 NewsWire. All rights reserved