IPROF Management Roundtable

CI issues: extending the command
line buffer size

Q. There are some CI issues involved such if you’re doing some of the Web programming. Right now you have a 511-character buffer, which for some interfaces is not enough, because you have to pass the information through that command line. Is there effort now at extending that command line buffer size?

HP’s Jeff Vance: It’s one of the areas Scott McClellan was collecting information on, where we were running short on certain resources. It was a bit of a surprise to us the CI’s command buffer needed to be longer. We’re tracking these issues, but there’s no plans in place right now to make it bigger.

John Korb: Jeff has also been working on some other issues and there are some of those that I hope don’t fall into the cracks due to higher priority things such as the CI variables, particularly local CI variables. People are doing networking and getting job control errors. CI variables have some problems with multiple process in a tree. They clobber each other, so the applications don’t get a correct value back. They see the value of some other process. The big thing is that Editor still cannot text in an HFS filename, which makes it very difficult if you’re trying to do some work and you have all these people who know Editor, and they’re trying to struggle through vi. They think, “well at least I can go in there and use Editor,” and they can’t. That would be a tremendous improvement in the Posix smoothing if someone could go in there and sort of fix Editor so A, you can specify a Posix filename in Editor and B, another thing would be if it could text in and keep bytestream files.

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