IPROF Management Roundtable

Making the Electronic Response
Center better for HP 3000 users

Q: I find myself using the electronic support system more and more due to some major improvements over the past year. Is it possible to implement an e-mail notification system so they update an issue submitted to a support engineer? I find myself checking several times a day to get timely resolution of a problem, or provide additional information to a support engineer. It would be a lot nicer if I just got a message that said check the website for an update.

Doug Blackwood: I think we’ve got some good news on that. We’ve got a plan. We’re going to start looking at how to implement this in the next couple months and prototype it inside HP. The goal is to roll it out to the customer base within the next 12 months.

Winston Prather: In the last couple weeks or so I’ve seen some demos of some of the new enhancements. For MPE-specifics, for example, there are some issues around if the filters work appropriately. I’ve seen some demos of the enhancements for the products and so I think there is some good news there – not specifically e-mail, but in just the generic area of the Electronic Support Center for the 3000. I think there are some good things to come. I know that a lot of that has come from suggestions from many of you, so keep those suggestions coming.

Q: My name’s Ken Vickers. I’m with the Computing Solutions. So far, of all the SRs which I know that I’ve had submitted, I can’t find trace of any of them.

Doug Blackwood: Regarding our search capabilities on ESC, our development plans for next year are pretty ambitious across the board. We’re looking at ways we can improve the search capability so that you can do a guided search and not spend a lot of time. Sometimes giving answers or responses back on SRs is two-part process. In addition to being able to find the SR, there also has to be support to improve the content. We’ve got investments toward improving the content.

Ken Sletten: I’ve had the same situation. I’ve put an SR in about a month ago, and I was told it potentially because depends on who puts it in where. I had an SR that was submitted by the Expert Center and I was told that potentially some of those end up being internal, so they might not be forwarded to the ESC. So it kind of depends on what vehicle is used to put them in.

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