IPROF Management Roundtable

Bundling RPC into MPE/iX 6.0:
how much will be free?

Q: [Steven Dirickson] HP mentioned the bundling of RPC into 6.0. How much of RPC is going to be in that?

HP’s Kriss Rant: First of all, I didn’t think there was more than one RPC that was part of DCE, so I guess I learned something. My understanding is the core RPC that we’re bundling is the non-authenticated RPC going into 6.0. The primary reason we’re doing this is for Speedware’s Autobahn product that lets you Web enable your application on the 3000.
Another activity that we’re working on is the DEC client components. We’re taking a look at what it would take to route those to the newest version of DCE which is OSF 1.2.2.

Q: Will 6.0 have everything I need set up a full RPC cell using only a 3000, not needing a Unix box or something like that?

Kriss Rant: The answer is no, however you can purchase those as add-on products.

Q: In that case I’d like to make my annual pitch for full RPC capability as part of FOS level MPE. A lot of things depend on that, a lot of Microsoft stuff. COM basically runs on RPC; it opens a lot of avenues if the 3000 is a full RPC player. I’d really like to see that.

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