IPROF Management Roundtable

Will the GNU C++ compiler
be supported by CSY?

Q. Will GCC be supported now that it’s being used in an official HP product?

Jim Sartain: We still have no current plans to provide HP support, but we’ll continue to evaluate that. We’re seeing more and more cases when we’re needing to use this compiler. We’re seeing more and more cases where you need to use it, and that might point to us coming to a crossover point where it’s worthwhile supporting it. I think one of the other questions that was asked at the same forum was how many people were using GCC. It was fairly low number, but we’re seeing that number increase.

Joe Geiser: That number is increasing, especially with porting. The thing is, I’m leery to use it with products that I might put together with my firm or for clients for support reasons. It’s clearly superior in many cases to HP’s C compiler. I would prefer to use it, but on the other hand without support I would be silly to put something together for a client and then have to support GCC. I can’t support GCC.

Jim Sartain: How many people would this be a strong interest for? Looks like maybe 10 or 15 percent of the audience.

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