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Our Tech pages deliver Technical how-to's and advice: HiddenValue tips on management, net.digest summaries of 3000-related Internet discussions, programming and development features like Robelle Tech and TestDrive evaluations -- the system administrator's and developer's counsel on MPE/iX and HP 3000 techniques.

Robelle Tech: Try a new language, PHP

Inside VEsoft: Playing Well Together

Robelle Tech: Job Queues

Robelle Tech: IMAGE Internals

Robelle Tech: From IMAGE to HTML!

TestDrive: A Slam Dunk Programming Suite

Serving 3000 Web Pages with Apache/iX

Internet Services on MPE/iX in 5 Minutes

How to Make Posix Work on MPE/iX 5.5

Inside COBOL: COBOL and B-tree Gotchas

TestDrive: A Windows GUI 3000 Manager, and Much More

Using HP OpenView IT/Operations on HP 3000s

TestDrive -- CSM: Hassle-Free, Safe Data Compression/Decompression

Understanding how Prefetch can speed up your HP 3000

Hidden Value: tips for your HP 3000

Still More Hidden Value: tips for maximizing your HP 3000

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