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Our Planning articles provide information to help you map out your HP 3000 investment strategy: Q&A interviews with the 3000 market's top people, editorials, analysis and commentary, as well as case studies and columns like OpenMike and Scott Hirsh's Worst Practices. Learn to keep the 3000 as mission-critical as ever, and what to expect from the 3000 market in these times of transition.

Here are sample articles from previous issues:

Editorial: Start riding in a time machine (Sept. 2003)

Build, Buy, Port or Stay? (Sept. 2003)

Analysis: The buck stops in LA (Sept. 2002)

Q&A: Gavin Scott, Choosing a Path for the 3000's Tomorrow (Mar. 2002)

OpenMike: A Possible Roadmap to OpenMPE (Feb.2002)

Editorial: A better state of your computer’s union (Feb. 2002)

Editorial: A new road to travel in transition (Nov. 2001)

Q&A: Alfredo Rego, Practicing the Joy of Evolution (Oct. 2001)

Q&A: Stan Sieler, Creating Community Magic for 3000s (July 2001)

Q&A: Winston Prather, Leading a New Lineup into 2K1 (Jan. 2001)

Worst Practices: Slipped Disks (Jan. 2001)

Editorial: Growing Older Holds Hope for Change (Jan. 2001)

Editorial: Outside Dazzle, Inside Changes (Feb. 2000)

NewsWire Q&A: HP 3000 division manager Winston Prather (Jan. 2000)

Editorial: Persistence That Makes Champions (July 1999)

Editorial: 3000 gardens challenge HP to vary growth (Mar. 1999)

Editorial: A 64-bit tonic to turn back the years (July 1998)

Onsite Insight: Relying on Cutting Edge Numbers (Jan. 98)

Editorial: It's time to strut the 3000's stuff (Dec. 1997)

Editorial: Great Grades for the 3000 (Oct. 1997)

NewsWire Q&A: Harry Sterling takes CSY helm (Feb. 1996)

Editorial: MPE/iX, the silver bullet to beat NT and Unix (Dec. 1995)

Editorial: Survive foul weather in the fair climate you know (Nov. 1995)

Advantage/3000: Buy your integration now, and pay less than buying it later (Nov. 1995)

An Introductory Viewpoint: Why We're Here (Oct. 1995)

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