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Online Extra No. 82

HP still calling on migration business
IBM to spark its iSeries alternative
Interex Symposium offers homestead answers, too
BIND troubles don't hit 3000s very hard
Bradmark, Beechglen tie up in service deal
ScreenJet puts demo in online movie

January 2003

Even the Interex survey on migration shows much slow, some no-go
Speedware opened the gates on its DBMotion database migration toolset
IBM made a shift in its leadership for its iSeries business
Lund started to ship its successor to the SOS performance line
Interex is on target to put a second Symposium onto the field in Valley Forge
Some at HP see a Transition as a challenge, no matter what you decide

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January 2003

Poll shows apps direct transition plans — The same factor which determined new HP 3000 sales is controlling the future of the customers’ transition plans, according to a 3000 NewsWire poll. Applications are guiding company decisions to migrate or homestead, but there’s another element in the mix: the softest IT economy in more than a decade, according to customers’ reports.

Migration choices carry DBA costs — Most migration choices carry a higher cost of ownership than sticking with an HP 3000. But you might avoid some expense in switching, if you choose the right database to replace IMAGE.

ROC forges more MPE-ready software — ROC Software is pursuing its own course in the year to come, following its customers instead of the path its partners recommend. While HP is advising 3000 customers to leave behind their systems, ROC has created a new scheduling system for MPE/iX and other systems. The business decision comes from a company whose Chief Technology Officer, Danny Compton, has been bucking longevity odds all his life

Transition tour outlines future — On the one-year anniversary of HP’s decision to pull out of the 3000 market, this date in the 12-city road show includes a segment on planning for the spending that moves HP 3000 customers onto other systems. In the meeting room at the Houston Hilton, Birket Foster wants someone to help add up the numbers around migration’s costs

An MPE Journey Down the Linux Road, by John Burke — In the second of a two-part series, see how 3000 vendor QSS took its first steps toward moving educational apps to Open Source.

Online Extra No. 83

Last call for HP’s 3000 improvements
Linux to hit the big screen
Minisoft sticks to the 3000 as well as the Mac
MBS to resell, install Neartek's AMXW emulator
VMS: A picture of what MPE might have been
Get board with Interex
Manufacturing conference opens registrations

February 2003

A homestead hope rose from a migration Webcast
Eloquence ports onto Itanium, moves to more IMAGE compatibility soon
HP is still enhancing the 3000's operating system
User groups joined together with HP to survey your satisfaction
IBM’s not bashful about facing up to Oracle
HP pulled its shuttle ads in the tragedy's wake

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February 2003

HP calls first Webcast at C-level — HP kicked the Transition issues onto the boardroom carpet last month, hoping to get HP 3000 customers moving along its recommended migration path by targeting corporate officers. But HP’s PowerPoint message to these C-level managers was only being watched in about 70 offices, an audience that read and heard crib notes attempting to sum up the volumes of detail which HP had Webcast during 2002.

HP training worthy on Web site, by John Burke — HP announced its free HP e3000 Transition Training program with considerable fanfare around the time of last year’s HP World conference. I’ve been curious whether it was worth taking. I decided to allocate a long weekend to taking the courses and deciding for myself.

Tally steps up to fill out line printer choices — HP may not see as much potential in the 3000 customer as it once did, but the vendor’s view isn’t shared at Tally Computer Printers. If not for HP’s 2001 exit from the line printer business — followed a few months later by its notice of leaving the 3000 market by 2007 — Tally might not have rolled out a 3000-compatible lineup.

iSeries alternative includes flexible capacity — With ample innovations and a new price point, IBM means to affirm its AS400 commitment to 3000 sites

Transition advice shows both fast, and thorough paths — Full-day transition tour advice covers the speed of 4GLs, refactoring, while customers ask of costs

Online Extra No. 84

Homesteading hits it off this spring's tee
MBS signs MPE Forum chairman to support team
Interex slashes Symposium entrance fee
Latest Mac support emerges from Minisoft
OpenMPE board elections kick off
CAMUS meetings provide ERP advice
Using FTP to save money on HP 3000s

March 2003

After extracting that licensing first draft, OpenMPE redrafted its board
MBS, Terix team up to offer homesteaders end-to-end service
Interex Symposia to offer most up-to-date views of 3000’s future
IBM offered HP 3000 sites crossover training
Interex gathered the users’ last MPE-IMAGE to-do list

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March 2003

HP proposes new MPE emulator licenses — Homesteading customers of the HP 3000 got a new hook to hang their hopes upon last month, when during the dark of a weekend night HP posted its first cut at licensing details for new copies of MPE.

Proposal terms offer a working draft — The full text of HP's message and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) report from HP engineer Mike Paivinen on the current state of the HP MPE licensing proposal for emulators: the currently-undeveloped software that will transform Intel or PA-RISC systems into HP 3000s.

CIO Webcast talks costs of migration — The message to HP’s customers at the C-level of their organizations followed the money during the vendor’s latest Webcast. HP’s Platinum partners addressed corporate concerns about moving away from a platform that’s long delivered an admirable return on investment.

NewsWire Briefs

HP quarter shows weak enterprise, strong print business

ROC Software rolls out Task Services

IBM Community Tools to link iSeries sites

SSA GT still considers porting MANMAN to HP-UX

Online Extra No. 85

NewsWire's editorial e-mail is changing
Emulator project taking first steps at OpenMPE
MPE gets a sendmail security fix
Interex offers Symposium two-fer deal
Itanium gets an ecosystem
FTP patches improve 3000 file transfer

April 2003

At least one emulator maker has gotten down to coding for the future
SqlLink 3000 gets a mirrored edition this month
Valley Forge's Symposium showed off a pair of database alternatives
Prices falling, sources rising for HP 3000 used systems

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April 2003

Symposium spurs talk about emulators — Armed with a set of HP’s intentions to help, the OpenMPE organization led a discussion about the future of projects to create HP 3000 hardware emulators. The two-hour meeting at the Valley Forge Solutions Symposium outdrew any other competing session — an attendance pattern that was set one day earlier, when a talk on 3000 homesteading practices outdrew three migration-related talks

HP confirms post-2003 sales plans — HP may be heading for the exit on its HP 3000 business, but the vendor is following the lead of its customers through the next year and half by selling everything for an HP 3000 except a full system.

HP cuts costs on its Unix trade-in plans — The conversion of 3000 to 9000 still isn’t free, but HP-UX software costs a lot less in the latest deal from HP

HP brings new array, JBOD enclosure online — More new hardware for the HP 3000 is arriving this year, including a disk array that can be twice as fast

NewsWire Briefs

HP posts patches to fill MPE’s less-dangerous holes in Sendmail

Transoft releases Adapter migration tool

FTP security may prompt upgrades

ROC adds credit union reseller

MBS signs up the MPE Forum chairman in its growing homesteading practice

Online Extra No. 86

HP expected to meet expectations
P&G IT becomes one with HP
Migration update: Itanium to get latest HP-UX release
What's migration got to do with it?
Hype Watch: who's saying it's the end of life
3000 partners meet with HP next month

May 2003

Major app provider says sites can stay on MPE “until the nuts and bolts fall out.”
Paul Edwards & Associates and EasySpooler offered a spooler alternative
Cognos and its PowerHouse customers did some soul-searching
HP restructured its enterprise server business
Another Webcast for migration surfaces May 22
HP put its best technical advice on the Web

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May 2003

HP considers enhancements in 3000 future — An OpenMPE meeting announced more than 20 experts willing to work on MPE’s future. The fresh engineering talent and a chance for more HP-designed MPE/iX enhancements emerged from the latest meeting of the OpenMPE advocacy organization.

Emulation hurdles get examined at symposium — While a European software company is working on a prototype of an HP 3000 hardware emulator for a possible prototype before year’s end, another firm based in the US believes the project could be complex enough to take much longer. One developer said the time to market for any software that transforms Intel-based PCs into HP 3000s won’t be a crucial factor in homesteading.

Pivital wins new 3000 sales spot — Pivital Solutions CEO Steve Suraci hears the tick of a different clock than the one which HP has been counting down for 3000 sales. Less than six months before new HP 3000 sales will end at HP, Pivital is ramping up its efforts as the newest authorized reseller of the servers in North America.

How to Develop and Present a Transition Strategy, by John Burke — Speedware’s Chris Koppe showed Symposium users how to present a path and get funded

Symposium talks tackle migration outlooks, by Steve Hammond — Attendees at Valley Forge hear both micro, macro views from PIR Group, MB Foster, iMaxsoft

WRQ adds VPN integration to Reflection — The Web version of the connectivity software gets SOCKS compliance to simplify connections to private network

N-Class earns HP tout at Symposium — HP’s Kevin Cooper makes a pitch for the discontinued 3000 by promoting batch speed improvement, higher IO throughput.

Online Extra No. 87

Analysis: Third parties will become second parties
Cognos shows off new site for developer support
Server numbers show HP finishes second
Extra value in Eloquence
Don't look too hard for that subsys tape
Making homesteading work for awhile

June 2003

HP won’t be recommending third-party support — not yet, anyway
HP offered still more improvements for its HP 3000 line
The 3000's vendor now has a liaison to OpenMPE, rather than a vote
HP hopes to put a Webcast on the air live from HP World
HP World's registration opened up for a combined conference
HP did its best to convince analysts that central computing can boost HP market share
ERP application providers did some dealing for JD Edwards and Baan

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June 2003

HP’s support recommendation stays in-house — HP wants its customers using HP 3000s to know that third party support for the systems is not yet an option the vendor is recommending. But the head of the HP 3000 business said the vendor is still listening for customer needs on this question: Who will service the systems beyond 2006, when HP’s support offerings are scheduled to end?

ERP provider says sites can homestead — HP 3000 owners who attended the most recent CAMUS manufacturing conference heard a refreshing message from an application provider which serves hundreds of companies. Sue Peyton of SSA Global Technologies (SSA-GT), owners of the MANMAN ERP application suite, said that customers “can stay until the nuts and bolts fall out of your systems.”

3000 healthcare vendor breaks buyout, port news — Amisys announces June release of initial HP-UX port, company’s acquisition by old-line investment firm

Taking Steps Toward COBOL Conversions, by Steve Hammond — Moving to Linux or Unix? Watch for syntax differences, COPYLIBS and 3000 file equations

Kobol carries low-cost Linux flag — A compiler for under $100, compliant with COBOL standards? Welcome to the world of Linux, where an HP 3000 expatriate is offering solutions for business

HP Webcast offers advice on controlling transition cost, by John Burke — Advice details the merits of emulating MPE on Unix using Neartek’s AMXW suite

Itanium SIG looks to remove roadblocks — The architecture that sits at the heart of HP’s enterprise future gets a new group to advocate and trade technical details

Online Extra No. 88

SSA GT keeps looking for ERP opinions
Use Sendmail on your 6.5-based servers
HP World takes on an HP perspective
OpenMPE meeting moves at Atlanta
BlueLine buys pieces to support picture
IBM to add Web portal builder for iSeries

July 2003

HP added some Integrity to the company’s server lineup
ScreenJet’s new utility moves KSAM files into AcuCOBOL
RAC Consulting took over a range of MPE software from Triolet
A new book on the HP 3000 makes its debut next month
Some of HP World’s content is going to be confidential
Migrations from PowerHouse can get Quick now

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July 2003

HP’s SIB response fulfills more promises — Although the company will stop selling the HP 3000 in a little more than 90 days, HP will continue to improve the value of the system well into 2004 by responding to a new set of customer requests.

Expeditors moves more than clients’ shipments — The $2.2 billion company manages the movement of billions of dollars worth of cargo each year. But Expeditors International is moving something just as vital as its global logistics customer shipments this year. One of the largest HP 3000 customers is moving its applications away from the 167 HP 3000s which it runs, heading into the world of hardware-independent platforms.

Non-HP disks can prompt risks, HP reports — HP's reply to a NewsWire SCSI article questions the use of non-HP devices on an HP 3000, and respectfully submits that the article does not fully address the risks involved in such a course of action

Online Extra No. 89

HP's weak quarter pulls down Dow
Not all layoffs are at HP
HP World shows far fewer MPE faces
Will 6.5 live even longer?
Emulator, schmemulator:
how about just buying PA-RISC chips?
Swap that software until Oct. 2

August 2003

Hard times for user groups took down one of the 3000’s oldest
It’s not an IBM meeting, but Atlanta hosts a night of iSeries news
ROC Software, Transoft show off new products at HP World
Amisys users pull together for an update next month
MB Foster added new connectivity tools for 3000 data

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August 2003

Conference to take on HP perspectiveSome HP 3000 veterans are calling it the last gathering of the MPE community. Others point to an ascent of a new HP customer constituency at a conference long ago ruled by 3000 issues. Regardless of where an HP 3000 customer looks this month, the formula for HP World is certain to show signs of change, the same assimilation that’s roared through HP during the last year.

Homestead site steps out with proxy security for 3000 — Homesteading an HP 3000 can mean a lot more than tending to static software that’s best left untouched. In the heart of the financial industry, a modest-sized HP 3000 is connected to more than a hundred customers through a secure Internet proxy server, a encryption combination that’s just emerging as HP goes into its last quarter of sales for the system.

Itanium target for migration tests fast, by Duane Percox — The QSS migration plan has always included IA-64 as a target, using both HP-UX and Linux as supported operating systems for the application server. Recently we announced support for 64-bit SQL Server, running on Itanium, as a supported database server. We were excited to get the opportunity to install one of HP’s rx2600 systems with dual Itanium 900Mhz (McKinley) CPUs to test out these operating environments running on Itanium. This is the field report from our first tests of HP’s new architecture.

What Does the HP Brand Mean? by John Burke — With the exception of a “hot” drive, any name-brand SCSI drive you can connect to your 3000 will likely work.

Online Extra No. 90

OpenMPE gets national coverage – what's next?
Patchwatch: N-Class systems
HPCUA user group liquidates
Interex board voting kicks off
Malta magic might woo 3000 prospects
Jazz server delivers free MPE goodies

September 2003

The first 3000 hardware emulator could be sold as hard goods
Transoft will move more than 30 HP 3000s to Windows .NET
SIG-Migrate wants to create an information clearinghouse
Low-cost Itanium processors signal a new push for 3000 alternatives
Texas sites will get a roundup of user group training in November
Since customers are hanging on, Quest wants 3000s to be available

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September 2003

HP’s World shows smaller 3000 presence — The latest meeting of HP users in North America featured much to take in. 800 HP employees swelling the conference for product training. More than 600 meetings, seminars and keynotes spread across five days of a conference that sprawled through two-thirds of the vast Georgia World Congress Center. About the only thing in short supply at HP World were HP 3000 customers, either migrating or those homesteading.

HP ponders an extension of support for 6.5 release — At least half of the HP 3000 community is using an MPE/iX release that goes out of HP’s support plans in 15 months. But when the vendor proposed an extension to MPE/iX 6.5, partners and third party software suppliers at HP World were cool to the idea — and some absolutely frigid.

IMAGE to get consolidated code base — As the latest HP World conference wound to a close, HP opened a new future for the 3000’s database. This year’s meeting of SIG-IMAGE/SQL included a report that the vendor will make a single code base for the database that includes the LargeFile enhancement for maximum dataset capability.

CEO keynote speech recalls HP choices, by Steve Hammond — After 40 minutes of a speech crafted for analysts, 3000 users were left wondering what side to choose

COBOL meeting shows language’s future, by Steve Hammond — The HP World meeting of SIGCOBOL shows the language has legs for many more strong years

Itanium databases don’t require rocket science, by Duane Percox — A test drive of HP’s Itanium alternative shows equivalent database and language compatibility

Online Extra No. 91

HP reminds you to shop soon
Database alternative adds security
IBM offers iSeries compute service – not apps, but on tap
Amisys users get updates on tech progress
No Malta meeting for migration boost
Top-ranked HP server also gets end of life

October 2003

Outlets for the 3000 are trying to deal in October, but discounts were scarce
The HP 3000 isn’t dying on Halloween, but working at HP through its afterlife
Check your N-Class server to preserve upgrade options
Transoft posted another migration success story
Texas sites get full migration lineup in November meeting

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October 2003

HP’s sales of 3000 wind down — HP is putting on a sales drive to produce a strong final month of its fiscal year — but much of the HP 3000 community did its shopping for new systems well before October’s end of HP sales deadline.

OpenMPE strives toward significance in second year — OpenMPE, the HP 3000 user organization whose mission is to find a future beyond HP’s plans for the platform, plans work this fall on its first paid membership drive, a first step toward organizing an independent MPE/iX R&D lab.

Migration savvy surfaces at HP World talk — When HP assembled three IT managers with HP 3000 migration field experience at the recent HP World conference, a new level of honesty flowed alongside the hands-on reports.

HP World sessions scout COBOL migration, by Steve Hammond — Scouts lined up to help users with COBOL applications venture toward a new environment

PIR Group enjoins a jump, by Steve Hammond — Who let the infidels in the temple? At a booth in one of the back aisles of the 2003 HP World, ran an IBM AS/400

NewsWire Briefs

Transition polls show majority seeking no migration

Dozens sign up for the World Wide Wake

Envy Systems offers MANMAN sites replication option

Acucorp touts Extend's Itanium support

Report says Windows dominance puts companies at risk

Online Extra No. 92

DISCUTIL looks out beyond HP’s support life
Customers move slowly to adopt migrate pace
HP focuses on homestead issues with OpenMPE
HP's financial condition: good to be overweight?
Amisys site Anthem picks up Wellpoint
Interex adds two new directors

November 2003

Transition tools serve up a new reason for HP to call 3000 sites
The Wake roused national interest in the HP 3000 and MPE
Linux options took on a more costly, corporate look
Midrange servers with Itanium 2 took spots in HP’s price list
Meetings and conference calls outlined the future of HP 3000 alternatives

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November 2003

ERP choices grow wider in alliance — Almost two years to the day after HP said it will stop selling and supporting HP 3000s, the platform’s biggest segment of users is still learning about options to move their applications. But even before the biggest application provider discussed migration options this month, a pair of software companies announced they will partner to offer these manufacturing customers an alternative that eases the migration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) installations onto commodity hardware.

PowerHouse futures face diverging destinations — As Cognos prepares to talk up a new version of its PowerHouse application development tool, the HP 3000 installed base is starting to hear about an alternative which promises to automate the migration away from the veteran fourth generation language.

Holiday orders still swell 3000 — The 45-foot tractor trailers are backing up to the loading dock at Hickory Farms this month, as the mail order, Web and store retailer pushes thousands of boxes a day out for holiday gifts. The company won’t need boxes of forms and labels to deliver the gifts, though. This year the company has expanded its HP 3000 use to include forms and labels management.

After Malta founders on rocks, Ratingen rolls, by Alan Yeo — After the cancellation of the European HP Migration Meeting in Malta last month, the European HP 3000 team led by Horst Kanert and Jurgen Probst bounced back with an well-attended briefing that updated the progress of migration partners

Reflection integrates new Microsoft technology — While sales ended for the system, WRQ arrived with new host access functionality for the 3000 customer — a group the company continues to describe as a vital segment of its business

Online Extra No. 93

Interex survey shows slow migrations
HP to mount a new migration Webcast
Cognos posts rising quarter, forecasts strong 2004
FTP versus DSCOPY: you’d be surprised who’s faster
HP reorganizes for new fiscal year
Interex names new chairman
Minisoft discounts offer for wireless 3000 link
inetd now logs fork success

December 2003

SSA’s MANMAN support team won’t make a Michigan move
Budgets for spending and time still tax migrating firms
An improved economy helped lift HP’s enterprise business to profitability
Linux market changes will prompt revision of that option, managers say
Nexio purchased migration firm AD Technologies
Acucorp honored VPlus partner ScreenJet

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December 2003

Third parties look beyond HP support life — Even skeptics of corporate motives seem to agree on one part of the HP 3000’s future. The vendor seems likely to cooperate in making third-party and self-maintained support possible, even in the face of very few 3000-specific plans that HP has announced for the period beyond 2006.

SSA stokes Baan fires for MANMAN sites SSA Global Technologies wants to light a fire under its MANMAN customer base, hoping to spark a migration onto Baan ERP software and away from the venerable ERP application which runs on hundreds of HP 3000 systems.

Wakes drive 3000 memories to surfaceNo day could have been more appropriate, said one user. Halloween, a holiday that invokes spirits, called up the spirit of the HP 3000’s success at dozens of parties on four continents. Called a World Wide Wake by organizer Alan Yeo, the parties that marked HP’s end of sales celebrated a death that had not yet occurred, and sparked memories of a lively history of computing.

iSeries makes headway as 3000 alternative — IBM announced a pair of success stories about customers who are making the switch to the iSeries from the 3000. One customer had long ago moved away from HP, but not their HP 3000. HP’s announcement helped spark their in-progress replacement