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Online Extra No. 34

6.0 support still coming for many products...
...But it's safe from the PowerPatch 5 bug
Not all of HP’s Asia is downtrodden
IPROF tutorials feature 3000 experts
Powerhouse Web beta begins for 3000s
PatchWatch: Fast DLT searches on 3000s
JDBC ready to take off at Minisoft
Lund signs on ACS as reseller
Adager takes on DBMGR customers

January 1999

HP confirms law enforcement investigation of used hardware brokers
Java should be getting faster on HP 3000s with a new JIT compiler

Smith-Gardner’s MACS will link 3000 files using incoming call IDs

Save hours on MPE/iX installs with a new Patch/iX setting

January 1999

Customers grapple with software upgradesSites moving to bigger HP 3000s must manage sometimes-astounding third-party upgrade costs

Modest vendors move new 3000sApplication suppliers are expanding 3000 installed base at low-end, one customer at a time

HP support floats pilot 3000 CI enhancement — Support group responds to long wish list with one new Command Interpreter function

HP sticks with Oracle's Version 7 for 3000s — A lack of installed base interest and Oracle-based applications put a hold on Oracle8 plans

ORBiT steps away from merger with SER — HP 3000 backup supplier says healthy 3000 market helped it spurn offer to be acquired

3000 helps ship live insects without delay — Insect Lore uses Macs II to get bugs out — to butterfly lovers, schoolrooms

New suite enhances 3000 RPC, code reuse capability — OSCAR give 3000 development managers object capability during application re-engineering

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Online Extra No. 35

Editorial: Go ahead HP -- dare to compare
Watch out for the next silver bullet: Linux
HP makes the 3000 renaissance official in annual report
DeskManager is really Y2K compliant, despite HP's info
From NetMail's makers -- a guide to spam block services
It's not DBUTIL that's broke in PowerPatch 5
Wanted from CFE: An HP variable to help handle HFS
Amisys sites have unsupported PowerHouse version
HP reads Apache/iX mail daily -- and it should
Read the LaserROM contents on the Web
Get your free command files from Tim Ericson's page

February 1999

It's legal to buy HP systems and equipment from used hardware brokers
The developer's 918DX is deal — long live the new SPP deals

Nothing's perfect, not even the latest MPE/iX
HBOC and McKesson tie the knot, officially

Minisoft's Javelin brings 3000 terminals to Mac browsers
Be a part of IPROF, even from your own office

HP is teaching on the Web again
MACS mail order customers scramble to weather UPS changes
New HP 3000s will arrive with a trial-use version of a GUI interface

February 1999

HP commits to Apache Web server for HP 3000HP officially supports Apache as a Web server on the HP 3000, and FastTrack is out. But you’ll need to ask for a secure version of the new Web server before CSY will commit to it

Minisoft opens 3000's databases to JavaThe first JDBC middleware for MPE/iX ships this month, letting 3000 customers link Java applications and applets to HP 3000 databases

IMAGE Enchilada plan could beef up HP 3000 databasesHP is counting on customers this month to plan an enhancement to your IMAGE databases that could free up other key enhancements

Easy Does It Technologies acquires spoolfile app Appeerx — A 3000-to-Internet consultancy picks up a program to give users control over remote spooled files, even over the Internet

HP revists CFE plans for enhancements — There’s been changes in the HP management cubicles, so Support and CSY meet to revise the MPE improvement project

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Online Extra No. 36

Update on AppeerX: No Unix, Oracle support, but Web gateway emerges
HP readies TraceRT for HP 3000s
Look over Express 1 6.0 enhancements on Jazz
Chat habit starts at Yahoo!
New product traces IMAGE calls

March 1999

HP files lawsuits against 3 used hardware resellers
HP’s committed to a CORBA on the 3000, but which one?
Set your own standard for 3000 client-server interfaces, because HP won’t

HP and Lew Platt are splitting up

CSY’s flighty acquisition is taking off

HP’s put a faster Java out for HP 3000 sites to beta test

March 1999

HP creates IA-64 building blocks in labsCustomers at the latest IPROF MPE developer’s conference asked HP if its next-decade commitments were blocking more pressing needs. HP managers replied that its HP 3000 IA-64 commitment stands — but it’s not standing in the way of engineering that will be delivered much sooner.

Newest 3000 Web Server advances outlined at IPROFHP details its plans for the fall's Apache/iX release, but holds the line short of promising SSL security capability for the 3000

CSY hatches software eggs in SPP basketThe developer's program tailored to solution suppliers gets HP 3000 specifics and new systems at a discount for commercial software companies and integrators

Enchilada idea heads to committee design — A select group of programmers and designers form to tackle the specification of IMAGE data caching enhancement

Onsite Insights: Software delivers 3000 reports by e-mail — byRequest ships reports from MPE applications around a Seattle community college district

HP seeks outside help to build CFE enhancements — With the first MPE/iX improvement out for beta-test, a proposal goes out to build an ABORTPROC command using resources outside the CSY labs

HP makes promises, defends plans at IPROF Management RT — An all-3000 HP managers panel looks to near term products and marketing growth at the Interex roundtable

Online Extra No. 37

Time's running out on credits for older systems
3000 swings a bigger stick in HP, says Sterling

N-Class previews the HP 3000 of late 2000

Resellers regroup in aftermath of lawsuits

New FTP fixes, versions for 3000s

HP rolls out new 3000 ads in Computerworld, InfoWeek

A new Web server for 3000s from Java

Most Y2K compliant release not 6.0, but 5.5

CSY takes on VT3K ownership

Creating Cobol layouts with DataAid/3000

April 1999

The 3000's GM Harry Sterling has new duties on top of managing CSY
You can’t transfer software licenses between HP 3000s

Tivoli wants a new keeper for Maestro on MPE, and has several suitors
Resellers are working hard to keep their 3000 status
HP’s committed to porting security libraries to the 3000
A rare security bug in DEBUG can put 3000s at risk
A VPlus graphics language is an improvement coming from AICS, not HP

April 1999

HP lawsuits sting 3 used hardware brokers Suits allege companies, HP staff illegally reconfigured HP 9000s as HP 3000s, adjusted user license counts for MPE/iX software to steal revenues from 3000 division

Surviving MANMAN's Ides of MarchPersistent integer date issues require source code changes at HP 3000 manufacturing sites

Riva, HP host 3000 update day for UK usersAn all-day event delivers the latest news on the 3000, including a proposal for a hot-swap multiple-OS HP 3000

Programmers get free management suite — Diamond Optimum gives away a 10-user license of its Diamond CM configuration tool to seed the 3000 market

New Web server optimized for 3000 apps — A new version of QWEBS pulls out all the stops to create a stateful connection and serve files quickly from memory

Online Extra No. 38

You got 16 bits, but whadda ya get?
Here comes the end for HP-IB peripherals and systems

HP giveth, and taketh away

HP posts Posix scanner tool for ports to 3000

How to set up BOOTP on 3000s
Free up Y2K upgrades for ALL HP customers, please
A better job queue scheduler than free

HP revamps its Java site for HP 3000s

OpenDeskManager gets another Y2K patch

More places to buy used HP 3000s

May 1999

Abtech announces resolution agreement with HP over used broker lawsuit
CSY is narrowing the channel for supplying used HP 3000s
HP terminated reseller status for OESC, so that company is liquidating assets
Sources say Maestro on MPE has a new keeper, one with some 3000 experience
HP’s fixed the VPlus enhancements for Y2K dates with a new patch

May 1999

New midrange 3000s leapfrog high end — Spring rollout includes first news on Web console for HP 3000s, AutoRAID and JDBC driver availability

Sterling takes over more HP computing reins — 3000 General Manager adds technical software, data warehousing duties to new, expanded group that includes HP 3000 division

After lawsuits, HP sets license rules — Owners, buyers of systems can’t exchange licenses between 3000s; customers must pay upgrade fees to correct user counts

Robelle updates Suprtool for Y2K windowing — A new $stddate function gives the latest version of the programmer’s utility a way to carry programs across 2000

NewsWire Briefs: XML for MACS, One Stop management, NetMail shifts — Our roundup of 3000 news items includes new Web capabilities for SGA software, a novel integration/consulting service for datacenters, and new sales/support for 3k

Online Extra No. 39

HP puts new printer options online
Data warehousing becomes a 3000 line item

HP 3000 gets new cabinets

Web Console can work with Predictive Support

Smith-Gardner details its XML initiative for WebOrder

TurboStore struggling with jumbo datasets

Newest MPE/iX seems to need older DDS firmware

Cognos rolls out manuals on CD
Ways to compare new 3000's performance in charts
Putting Quiz and MANMAN reports on a Web browser
HP readies 997 corruption patch

June 1999

You’ll wait a few extra weeks for the latest MPE/iX release
The only JDBC driver for HP 3000s started shipping from MiniSoft
Express 2 enhancements are out for public beta tests
Adager’s Alfredo Rego took the 3000 message to TV
Tivoli officially sold Maestro and other Unison products to Roc Software
ORBIT will be helping Design 3000 Plus with sales and support
HP’s Support Center 3000 patches have some corruption

June 1999

HP authorizes used 3000 distributor plan — New channel makes used 3000s available to distributors, resellers and HP reps

HP gets judgement, criminal charge, guilty plea in actions against brokers — HP resolves suit with one firm, while courts charge two others in used 3000 allegations

NewsWire Redo: HP clarifies broker status — HP will be establishing a new distribution point for used systems, and its new distributor won't have SS_CONFIG capability to change personalities or modify user license counts.

3000 market to get e-service for application directory — A new comprehensive Web site will make it easy for HP 3000 sites to find software and services online

NewsWire Briefs: HP’s 2Q, scheduler alliances and messaging, new tools — Our roundup of news items includes the number on HP’s second quarter, a deal between Tidal Software and Allegro, Design 3000’s new messaging solution and more

Online Extra No. 40

Amisys parent company fixes financials, fires HBOC chief
Get MANMAN reports on the Web with Sheetmate and byRequest
Patch repairs 3000 network printing bug
CSY hires Bixby for its lab after many contributions
Manage patches automatically with a contributed tool
Going to 6.0? HP is telling customers to wait for Express 1
SolutionStore 3000 goes live
Using Bootp? Better set it, or it dies automatically
HP stock rises as analysts see shift to higher-profit products
The second generation MPE porting paper is online
Newest Java is ready for 3000, but it doesn’t Swing yet
Delay in Merced release raises questions about chip's IA-64 role
TraceRoute goes live in a beta test for MPE/iX

July 1999

HP names outside candidate Carly Fiorina as new CEO;
Hackborn to take board chair

HP’s not dropping anyone from 3000 marketing plans, especially verticals
3000s are getting Y2K ready, but 5.5’s latest PowerPatch is the means, not 6.0
HP’s lawsuit against Abtech is over
DLT is eliminating failures of DDS as a 3000 backup medium
HP's 3000 don’t speak well to its newest printers

July 1999

HP expands its reach for 3000 solutions — A new Software Partner Team at CSY goes beyond verticals to rejuvenate long-time application providers

Genius offer lures 3000 purchases with cash discountsThe HP 3000 division is offering cash discounts through the end of August for purchases of Series 9x9 systems, the first program that extends a sale into the territory of the new 3000 customer.

Suppliers ready for HP World debutsHP 3000 software and service providers are pulling off the wraps on their offerings for the HP World conference in August.

4GL vendors cut fees to attract HP 3000 business — Speedware drops its upgrade fees on Visual Speedware and Autobahn, while Cognos adopts a new price structure based on HP's user license tiers, to woo the rising HP 3000 development marketplace back to fourth generation languages.

Onsite Insight: Flexible financials roll off 3000 among redwoods — A California group of companies tracks diverse enterprises with a single financials package

NewsWire Briefs: Spoolmate sites get Unispool trade-in deal; HP starts MPE classes in Chicago; new IMAGE deadlock protection; HP ends resale pact with EMC, and more

Online Extras No. 41 (August) and 41-A (HP World '99)

Rumors of 3000 Java GUI jumpstart abound
Livermore, Fiorina set new agenda in keynotes
A solution appears for the 3000 to LPQ printer disconnect
3000 is ready for its closeup: documentary filming rolls at show
HP promises high availability a la EMC software advances on its own drives

Oracle readies a 6.0- and Y2K-compatible release
Avoiding crashes while using the new Job Queues in 6.0

Open Skies partners with a travel network

You can get certifiable on MPE, but practice with caution

EMC's DG purchase means RAID for LDEV1 now comes from a competitor

August 1999

The 3000 division settled on a single distributor for all of North America
Express 1 of 6.0 is scheduled to arrive this month

The 3000 got another TV outing, and you can get a tape of it

Bradmark, Robelle link MPE Command Center, Qedit for Windows

Save money on support: get MPE/iX certified

Qedit gets Posix flexibility and regular expression smarts in its 4.8 release

HP may be putting QUERY code into an Open Source plan

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August 1999

Unsupported sites get free Y2K upgrade for MPE/iXAlmost six months after HP first announced it, a program is now underway to help many unsupported HP 3000 sites get a Y2K-safe version of the MPE/iX operating system for free.

Fiorina named CEO; Hackborn to lead board — HP took a dramatic step to convince investors and analysts that it is remaking itself, naming 44-year-old Carly Fiorina as company president and CEO as of July 17.

New Web app opens books on university storeThe 3000 gets an entry to an $8 billion market with a solution for bookstores that puts data on intra and extranets

Customers choose DLT to get backups done reliably, faster than DDS — DLT and library support solutions are online from third parties to make fast, safe backups

NewsWire Briefs: Serena Software acquires Diamond Optimum products, staff; EMC and HP compete on arrays; ORBiT adds Paul Taffel , revives the MPE pocket guide

Online Extra No. 42

Amisys parent company fixes financials, fires HBOC chief
Get MANMAN reports on the Web with Sheetmate and byRequest
Patch repairs 3000 network printing bug
CSY hires Bixby for its lab after many contributions
Manage patches automatically with a contributed tool
Going to 6.0? HP is telling customers to wait for Express 1
SolutionStore 3000 goes live
Using Bootp? Better set it, or it dies automatically
HP stock rises as analysts see shift to higher-profit products
The second generation MPE porting paper is online
Newest Java is ready for 3000, but it doesn’t Swing yet
Delay in Merced release raises questions about chip's IA-64 role
TraceRoute goes live in a beta test for MPE/iX

September 1999

Hail Winston, Farewell Harry: Prather assumes Sterling’s post

Former HP employees pled guilty to fixing brokered sales of 3000s
3000 chat hit the air about Java
Veterans of the 3000 were buzzing about a freeware emulator at HP World
Europe’s biggest HP show kicks off Oct. 19
HP is waiving return-to-support fees on 3000s
The 3000’s third party apps-on-tap pioneer is being acquired
Its third quarter report saw HP put growth doubts to rest

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September 1999

Sterling 3000 address unveils GUI plans — Outgoing CSY General Manager Harry Sterling's HP World addres uncovered new alliances, functionality for the 3000, a shared source program — and dances

3000s E-services get real at HP World — Ann Livermore's HP World keynote detailed HP's e-services plans, while CSY unveiled a deal with Telenomics and prepped other 3000 application suppliers for e-service status.

HP sets plan for IA-64-ready 3000s — Platform Planning session at HP World outlines future system, MPE/iX releases, possible early delivery of N-Class 3000s

Client Systems gets sole 3000 North American distribution rights — HP names one company to distribute 80 percent of new 3000s through the reseller channel

CSY brass outlines 3000 changes at roundtable — The 3000 division won’t be spinning off from HP. But Oracle’s up, CORBA’s down and other change is in the air

HP World Developer’s Notebook — MPE Command Center impressed our reviewer on the floor, and so did a little book crammed full of updated MPE/iX technique

NewsWire Briefs: 3000s to get RSA security for Web; Nobix takes JobTime to the net; IA-64 gets simulated at HP World; Interex, ORBiT offer show info to others

Online Extra No. 43

How to set that clock back in the US next weekend
Hear Y2K advice from HP for free

HP outlines end of life dates for 3000 systems

Patch that fork of death on the 3000

It's hard to measure AutoRAID's speed just yet

Do a fast search with the DLT4000

Go to Express 1 of 6.0 for a new date variable for Y2K

Make plans to move off HP-IB

October, 1999

HP 3000 manufacturing users chatted on 3kworld with the Support Group
Be extra-sure you need the latest Samba release before you load it

Telenomics isn't part of Cybertel yet

Transact gets more open this fall

New class library makes MPE more Java-ready

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October 1999

Hail Winston, Farewell Harry: Prather takes over CSY as Sterling announces retirement — Commercial Systems Division (CSY) General Manager Harry Sterling has announced his retirement from HP, effective by the start of December — and his recommended successor Winston Prather has been named to take his place immediately at the head of the HP 3000 group.

HP proposes Java Visage as new 3000 GUI — Built-in tools to give applications a graphical interface; Legacy/J’s Blue/J tapped as development tool

CSY roundtable fields queries on new 3000 capability, code — Top HP managers eye freeware futures, support issues at HP World

HP to link its newest storage with 3000s — XP256 RAID units, AutoRAID go online with MPE/iX

Memory boost gives 9x7s performance leap — Vaske Computer installs, supports 1.5Gb to help forestall software upgrade fees

Autobahn 2 gives app-on-tap new Web face Telenomics e-services application for Web gets rapid client using Speedware tool

Online Extra No. 44

Interex gets new directors a-plenty in lean voting
3000 Solution Symposium: It's not IPROF

Blue/J's cost is per developer, not per seat

Transact gets all the B-tree retrieval modes

PowerHouse falls further behind in 3000 support

Y2K patches are in play for HP 3000s

Why would you NOT want HP to market the 3000?

Free utility can fix your dates on the 3000

Attachmate has another emulator option for 3000s

November, 1999

As its stock skidded, HP tried to assure the market before Q4 results appear
E-speak will be free — but will it free up Oracle8 for MPE?

ORBiT offers a Y2K Golden Backup

ROC gets its 3000 backup into the enterprise

Robelle adds columns to Qedit for Windows; scripting next

HP is making Y2K-safe MPE V available

Interex is taking registration for its next 3000 conference

GHRUG is hosting a cross-training day for HP 3000s

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November 1999

HP points to next fork in MPE road — HP’s UK road map briefing includes notice of fork to create separate IA-64 version of MPE: Hewlett-Packard gave 3000 customers in the UK a look into the future of the computer with an extensive trip across the road map — one that showed a fork ahead in the operating system road.

HP rounds up app suppliers in Dallas — Power of Connection meeting draws dozens of application companies devoted to the 3000

Network printing: CSY's Pandora's Box — Three years after releasing limited print capability, HP hears requests to update it

Net printing updates needed to keep the faith — It never should have been free, but now HP should work with third parties to keep printing promises for the 3000

UK show unveils un-print report alternatives — HP Users ’99 displays OpenPDF, e-reporter to distribute reports

HP memory goes online in used market — Branded subsystems qualify for HP support, sold well below list price

Online Extra No. 45

SIG-3000 conference dates set
HP ranks high on gay-friendly corporate list

Y2K 3000 patches settle out on HP site

A friendly reminder of how to check patches

Calendars surface for post-1999 use

S-G site makes WSJ's top e-toy location

Better set better timeout values for TCP on your 3000

The HP marketing machine's graphic transgression

You will need 6.0 for SureStore

PatchWatch: Faster 3000s with HP's official patch

Reaching the HP chief by e-mail

December, 1999

HP’s stock roared as Fiorina launched a new brand and TV campaign
... but HP's CEO found specifics on the 3000 harder to come by

HP is putting its resources behind two 3000 conferences this spring

MiniSoft is taking Web development into a new dimension

Amisys users get fine-tuned tools

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December 1999

HP offers final HP 3000 Y2K patch help on Jazz Web site — Site identifies which patches must go on top of PowerPatch, 6.0 or Express releases for Year 2000

What are you doing New Year's Eve? — Whether you believe the millennium is at hand or not, the weekend at this end of this month calls for special preparation from the HP 3000 community. A random survey of NewsWire readers shows most companies have been working hard to make this New Year a non-event and business as usual. But that’s only because many HP 3000 managers will be on duty or on call across the holiday weekend.

HP offers next-generation compiler lineup — The Commercial Systems Division's (CSY) plans for HP 3000 languages include a first draft of its native language list for IA-64 systems, one that includes two cutting-edge choices and COBOL, but leaves FORTRAN in compatibility mode.

Message oriented middleware links 3000s to other systems — HP 3000 sites are connecting their applications and databases to servers with object technology and Microsoft components, and the customers’ efforts have produced two new middleware solutions.

NewsWire Briefs: HP’s fiscal finish, controlling ODBC, help for tuning Oracle and Lew’s new wine career