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1996-1998 (below)


Online Extra No. 33

ORBiT steps away from buyout by SER
No hurry on Spoolmate Y2K fix

Python snakes into the 3000 world

A better platform for all of the 21st century: MPE

HP adjusts its sales force as part of reorg

Still multiple sources to search for all 3000 documentation

Command your 3000 to get that patch, automatically

HP posts updates on management UDCs on Jazz

Watch for the discounts vs. broker benefits

Making good use of ()word in MPE/iX

PatchWatch: Using environment files on non-HP printers

December 1998

Oracle 7 support for MPE/iX 6.0: wait'll next summer
The 3000 earns a new OSCAR for transformation
The 3000’s marketing chief tunes in from making a name for HP newcomers
Maestro is getting Year 2000 ready, but it’s more costly
IPROF adds new user training
The 918 is selling — to different developers
Newest Samba works its way through beta testing

December 1998

HP Shows off 3000 Commitments at Strategic Forums — The seven HP 3000 Strategic Customer Forums delivered news to 300 customers and channel partners about new distributed technology for the system, as well as updates on market shifts for the platform.

CSY fills marketing, R&D posts — The division's transfers to Open Skies get filled quickly, and with HP and CSY veterans, too

HP's 1998: $47 billion total; 3000 hits 155 percent quota — The company's earnings are down over last year's on higher revenue, but 3000s notch a healthy chunk of new business

HP shifts 3000's vertical market targets — The company's earnings are down over last year's on higher revenue, but 3000s notch a healthy chunk of new business

HP ponders Netscape server deal for 3000s — AOL's acquisition of Netscape hits markets as CSY considers alternative to FastTrack Web

NewsWire Briefs

Online Extra No. 32

  • Watch for news on HP 3000 Web server changes
  • Mr. Platt predicts 2000, then pulls back
  • CSY runs counter to HP business trends, as usual
  • The JDBC season starts soon for 3000s
  • No more airline vertical target market -- sort of
  • HP user group vote turnout lower than US average
  • Automatic spam-free e-mail -- on a 3000
  • Keep those FTP addresses short in 6.0 for now
  • Maestro is Y2K ready, says Tivoli
  • Making porting easier from Posix to MPE
  • An MPE/iX enterprise backup alternative ships
  • A few DDX users will still endure an EOF bug

November 1998

HP rolled out MPE/iX 6.0 on time
HP Instant Information – an instant success?

Mergers and acquisitions kick off a season of giving

Linkway is getting a North American ODBC push

Beyond ODBC, to ADBC and Java

DATEDIFF intrinsics are fixed, kinda

Query and MDX are getting compatible again

November 1998

HP takes off into 3000 sales by the transaction

HP 3000 division joins new reorganized Enterprise-Software Services Group, $15 billion HP organization

PowerPatch 6, MPE.iX 6.0 offer fix for EOF database bug

UK users look to HPCUA show for signs of 3000's rebound in Europe

Speedware goes Visual on HP 3000s

Online Extra No. 31

  • HP lifts production hold on 3000s
  • 6.0 resolves the DBUTIL ERASE bug
  • How ready is 6.0? Log on and see
  • Check that HP tour calendar for next month
  • The Rego tour takes flight, too
  • HP talks about PA-RISC future releases
  • An MDX you can use is on its way
  • HP's cutting jobs, but voluntarily
  • Watts leaves HP, direct sales push accelerates

October 1998

PowerPatch 5 bug serious enough to put new 3000 shipments on hold (Oct. 9)
The 3000 rebound is only beginning to bounce in the UK

HP takes its 3000 show on the road next month

Which PowerHouse brings Y2K relief?

HP adds compiler muscle at 3000 division

CSY takes on line printers, gives up the 640D

Mark your calendars for a February IPROF meeting

October 1998 First Class News

PowerPatch 5 fix impacts HP Y2K tools

3000 division takes in its compilers

New HP post hunts for fresh 3000 application partners

eXegeSys eRP lures new customers to 3000

WRQ streamlines admin with Reflection 7.0

Compiler adds Java clients to COBOL applications

NewsWire Briefs

September 1998 First Class News

Platt speech places 3000 in HP's first team

HP Support joins 3000s' enhancement effort

HP Outlines 3000 model futures at HP World

HP refreshes 3000 training with new classes

Manufacturing a plan to avoid Catch-3000

Caps snapped, they've got shirts


August 1998

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August 1998 First Class News

HP 3000 at HP World ’98

Heard on the Harbor:

    Netscape looks good
    DataExpress links 3000 data to NT, Unix
    CSY names an application evangelist
    QWIN gets its own language
    A blizzard of shirts at the show

HP unveils new midrange models, lowers hardware prices

PowerPatch 5 enhances MPE/iX, fixes Y2K

HP bumps up 3000 performance ratings

HP rebates slash bundled software pricing

CSY lines up 3000 vendors for IA-64 ports


July 1998 First Class News

First Report: IA-64 on HP 3000

3000 gets IA-64 commitment

Cautious hope surrounds IA-64 news

CSY R&D manager Winston Prather on migration details and tech designs

Adager repairs databases for client-server use

Lund revives database shadow alternative

NewsWire Briefs

July 1998

Online Extra No. 30,
updating the June 1998 issue

  • What IA-64 means today for 3000s
  • CSY is working to woo software suppliers
  • What to do about mail systems
  • New, big drives on the way
  • Get bright about command files
  • A better ESC soon for 3000s
  • Media shift is on again for 3000s
  • Shifting time with any database tool for decompiles

June 1998

June 1998 First Class News

MPE goes GUI with Windows interfaces

Heat of Y2K work dries up HP 3000 talent

New tool looks at IMAGE databases
for Year 2000 projects

HP supply chain partner goes all-3000

NewsWire Briefs

May 1998

May 1998 First Class News

License fee cuts make 9x9 upgrades a better deal

MPE/iX 6.0 preview: CSY corrals more functionality for 3000s

DDX Query bug patches go to GR

HP outlines growth for IMAGE on 3000

Backup solutions grow to meet expansion

NewsWire Briefs

Online Extra No. 28,
updating the April 1998 issue

  • HP profits drop in second quarter report
  • HP revs up Instant Information
  • 3000s on both sides of auto merger
  • HP comes up with a 5si LaserJet replacement
  • Editorial: Still leaning into Unix at HP's Web sites
  • License discounts are helping retain 3000 business
  • Get a head start on DNS services with your 3000
  • HP 3000 files now have an official MIME type
  • Free stuff: a basic line editor for use with Samba/iX

April 1998


April 1998 First Class News

CSY includes Java for 3000 development

Console controls 3000s through Web

CSY updates customers at IPROF on 3000 Growth solution for MPE/iX

HP takes only notes on 3000 compiler requests

Web-based thin-client terminal emulator extends sites' 3000 connectivity options

NewsWire Briefs

Online Extra No. 27,
updating the March 1998 issue

  • Manufacturing options make the pie richer already
  • Flogging the Express/PowerPatch 4 horse, to get it right
  • JDBC/iX on the way -- but from who?
  • IMAGE fans still want what they want
  • Look for TurboIMAGE 7.10 to fix problems
  • Answer your 3000 Frequently Asked Questions from the Web
  • EDI Service business booms at St. Paul Software
  • Making HPDATEFORMAT work in Transact

March 1998

March 1998 First Class News

CSY unveils new 3000 Solution Teams

Is there still life left in the old MAN(MAN)?

MANMAN gets ready to roll sales analysis

DBGeneral gets hardware aware

3000 firm ramps up for Year 2000

HP 3000s stand at heart of Southwest reservations system

Staying Online Through Days of Ice

Online Extra No. 26,
updating the February 1998 issue

  • Editorial: Not so fast with that IA-64 revolution
  • A clue on DNS for the HP 3000
  • No word yet on the DDX bug patch status
  • More tips on figuring out Express 4 installs
  • Why you'd want either PowerPatch 4 or Express 3
  • St. Paul Software revamps executive posts
  • Maestro gets a mailing list

February 1998

February 1998 First Class News

Southwest flies jumbo-sized 3000 network

Belluzzo jumps heir-apparent seat

DDX bug gets partial fix

Adager unveils next-generation date therapy

RAC, Xerox partner on enterprise printers

3000 customers work on Java promises

Online Extra No. 25,
updating the January 1998 issue

  • Editorial: Why corporate reports don't matter
  • Look for new 3000s before too long
  • IBM steps up the competition to a low-end 3000
  • Express 4 tips to get key software installed
  • Could Merced mean more trouble for Unix?
  • Oracle shifts its stance while the 3000 community waits
  • Don't hold your breath for Allbase-free ODBC
  • PatchWatch: Making Predictive Support work in 2000
  • Watch out for the new QUERY and b-trees
  • TurboStore woes need Express 4 patch
  • Patch/iX is bound to get enhancement-friendly
  • A free tool for router-to-3000 logging
  • Rating relative performance of the HP 3000s

January 1998 FlashPaper

  • CSY is taking aim at the AS/400 promised land
  • You should be on your way to the MPE Forum
  • Whoop up your Web with Apache
  • Java is brewing up a fresh pot of help for the 3000
  • Order the 918DX anytime you like, in the US
  • Another major database for the 3000?
  • PAUSE is really there, even if the Express HELP doesn’t show it

January 1998 First Class News

Rising economic sectors offer 3000 growth foothold

Express 4 release delivers Year 2000 safety for 3000s

Onsite Insight: Relying on Cutting Edge Numbers

Unison carries MPE tools into Tivoli’s lineup


Online Extra No. 24
updating the December 1997 issue

  • Amisys means more opportunity for 3000s
  • Watch out which fields you apply b-trees to
  • More free stuff for experimental sites
  • Editorial: What the 3000 really needs more of
  • Another thing windowed editors buy you
  • Upgrades from the new 939s
  • Express 3 is history by now
  • Getting back to a working FTP for the 3000
  • WRQ steps up for watershed
  • Lower-cost HP 3000 books

December 1997 FlashPaper

  • Now that HP delivered Express 3 enhancements, just try to install them
  • Still a few bugs in that release, too
  • Now that you’ve got ODBC access, use it to learn about it
  • Then there’s the whole issue of security
  • You’ll be able to choose from all the available ODBC on the 918DX next month
  • Unison’s shareholders approved the Tivoli merger, but Roadrunner will continue
  • That MDX enhancement is on its way

December 1997 First Class News

HP points new midrange box at low end, Year 2000

HP rushes out patch for DDX database bug

Middleware renovates HP 3000 manufacturing choices

Integration Alliance names new president

NewsWire Briefs

  • MPE CDs now a limited edition
  • Windowed 3000 editors abound in open season
  • Inform gets Dictionary help in new version
  • Unzip any files on your 3000
  • Barcode, form solution lives on in Fantasia
  • Cognos checks code for Year 2000 free


OnlineExtra, updating the November '97 issue

  • Editorial: NT gets multiple processors, personalities
  • HP Q4 report shows OS diversity
  • Free stuff: reading IMAGE log files
  • Get an early look at new HP software capabilities
  • PatchWatch: Add a patch to read dumps post-Stage/iX
  • PatchWatch: Watch for a fix on dates with TurboStore True Online
  • Synchronize your HP 3000s with a free utility
  • MANMAN front ends to share source code
  • PatchWatch: HP fixes AIF to keep your job and session tools stable
  • Year 2000 repairs for Netware/iX

November 1997 FlashPaper

  • A great revived 3000 and crucial database bug dominate the Flash
  • Better swat this database bug soon with HP's fix
  • The best deal in HP's hardware lineup comes back faster this month


November 1997 First Class News

Operating system upgrade process shifts to Expresses

Software aids Year 2000 apps without source code

Cognos launches cross-platform PowerHouse tools

Bradmark middleware offers open technology for 3000s

NewsWire Briefs

  • Lund adds QUAD author as R&D head
  • Speedware goes Visual for 3000, Unix, NT
  • 918DX bundle swells with more tools
  • Bradmark readying Year 2000 utilities
  • SHOWOUT solution surfaces as freeware
  • Patch extends MPE filenames, adds eval functions
  • Mitchell Humphrey hits 20, adds NT

OnlineExtra, updating the October '97 issue

  • Express 3 is shipping
  • A bug in DDX gets fixed -- but check your databases
  • Watch for new 3000 hardware this week
  • Those 9x9 card cage extenders are delayed
  • Editorial: Why NT isn't being adopted any faster
  • NSD, its report manager get new names
  • PatchWatch: Get only that LISTF improvement
  • How to decide between 100Base-T and 100 VG AnyLAN
  • St. Paul joins as an HP Partner
  • That D640 is faster than a LaserJet 5si at MOPYing
  • Shifting time rather late -- but better than Windows 95

October 1997 FlashPaper

  • Express 3 is delayed, but not significantly
  • HP's ODBC driver isn't the only IMAGE/SQL solution impacted by the delay
  • Tivoli and Unison are on a single path, but Roadrunner's track is unclear
  • That to-do list in the IMAGE labs gets no shorter
  • Why Oracle won't ever run slower than IMAGE on paper
  • Make Java fast enough to use

OnlineExtra, updating the September '97 issue

  • There's still work going on for more CSY R&D funding
  • Bradmark offers all products free for 918DX
  • New offers continue to emerge for 918DX
  • What's behind the delay in Express 3

October 1997 First Class News

High-flying Europe party touts 3000's 25th birthday

HP sets table for 3000 technologies

All-3000 thin client terminal emulator solution debuts

Database veterans assemble all-3000 data warehouse solution debuts

HP expands system-class laser printer functionality

September 1997 FlashPaper

  • That developer's 3000 bundle keeps getting fatter
  • Prices emerged for HP's newest hardware
  • The sky's the limit on 3000 technology, HP says
  • St. Paul offers a faster path to secure e-commerce
  • An all-3000 data warehouse opened its doors at HP World
  • Look for a new HP 3000 to emerge at the bottom of the 9x9 class
  • COBOL users got a "not now" on that Fujitsu compiler
  • Feeling left out of HP World news? Get on the road next month

OnlineExtra, updating the August '97 issue

  • Editorial: How to Manage a Roundtable
  • Classic 3000s still work beyond the millennium
  • PatchWatch: OpenMarket Web Server fixes
  • Get a customized SLT from HP
  • PatchWatch: Deciphering the patch codes
  • Backup with DLT, but remember the bandwidth
  • Web server survey shows how 3000s are online
  • Hidden Value: Keeping larger files in QUAD
  • A vote for your own on the Interex board

September 1997 First Class News

HP commits to new 3000 applications through developer bundle

HP steps up to 64-bit MPE/iX

HP secures Web Server deal for HP 3000s

HP makes 3000 hardware enhancements formal

Java connects users to HP 3000s through new emulator

New compiler delivers speed hike for Java/iX

B-trees deliver 100-fold speed hike for 3000

Active X leads Reflection inside browsers

NewsWire Briefs

  • HP posts record earnings, jump-starts order growth
  • Utility lets Speedware tap 3000 system info
  • JDBC assistance for 3000 databases
  • Version control tool gets ported to MPE/iX
  • New API links CMC standards with HP 3000 e-mail

August 1997 FlashPaper

  • Express 3 enhancements were too hot to keep inside HP this month
  • Manufacturing isn't a former HP 3000 strength yet
  • WRQ goes Active soon with Reflection
  • SIGWEB will be looking for answers from HP in Chicago
  • HP shuffled its CSY team again
  • IPROF is alive, but shorter than last year
  • A better development bundle for MPE/iX might surface yet
  • 3000 development gets a lift from two suppliers this month

August 1997 First Class News

HP works to replace 3000 Web server

OMI: hasty sales exit, but longer support

New utilities manipulate HP 3000 dates

HP to close out Classic 3000 systems, software

NewsWire Briefs

  • Ping of Death 5.5 patch evolves
  • BLOB support lags behind ODBCLink/SE
  • Editor aids in using Samba files
  • Oracle en route to 3000, but not 8
  • VT3K still available for HP 3000s
  • Cross-platform scheduler includes HP 3000 agent

OnlineExtra, updating the July '97 issue

  • Ping of Death gets yet another 5.5 patch
  • Open Market alternatives on tap at HP World
  • Time well spent at HP World: MPE Supersessions
  • Get yourself heard at HP World, from your home
  • A graphical disk free space tool, free
  • Not all HP diagnostics are passworded
  • PatchWatch: Posix and Telnet fixes for MPE/iX
  • PatchWatch: A real TurboStore fix
  • Locate the biggest files on your system
  • Adager posts its bit-packed date format bible
  • A tool for doing Web transactions via the 3000
  • More news on the Spam e-mail front

July 1997 FlashPaper

  • Bravehawk HP 3000s are circling, ready to flesh out the midrange
  • There's gonna be a feast of MPE/iX releases by year's end
  • Experienced 3000 printer help has left the building
  • More Year 2000 aids are surfacing
  • A Cadillac of 3000 financials gets into projects
  • Get networking from a 3000-savvy venture
  • HBO took in Amisys, while SharePlex promises more speed

July 1997 First Class News

HP backs away from Open Market Web Server

HP's Pervasive Solutions to include MPE/iX

HP release announces its Pervasive Solutions Foundation

Software puts Web interfaces on MANMAN

Shareplex gains converts in quest for clustered 3000s

OnlineExtra, updating the June '97 issue

  • PING protection surfaces for MPE/iX 5.5
  • 3000's 100VG AnyLAN gets MPE/iX components
  • Patch helps on IMAGE stalls, but doesn't prevent them
  • DNS services get an upgrade, bug investigation
  • It's not a 908... It's Fastran/PC
  • Get new Year 2000 tools from Jazz Web site
  • Mover should move over, say downloaders
  • How to add new HP 3000 disks and redesign volume sets
  • Get a look at how HP 3000 performance lived up to promises

June 1997 FlashPaper

  • The Express 2 version of 5.5 is missing those LISTF enhancements
  • But TurboStore users really need Express 2 anyway
  • There's more GUI help available for MANMAN
  • HP is taking notes on scrollable picklists, at last
  • ODBC options are expanding
  • Java capabilities are starting to brim for 3000s

June 1997 First Class News

HP solution suppliers, developers, customers ask for 908

HP reorganization puts 3000 management closer to top

New I/O channel promises extra 3000 connections, speed

CSY shapes 3000-NT integration plans

WRQ clicks on Java-based product development

NewsWire Briefs

  • DNS work for 3000 surfaces
  • 100VG-AnyLAN work stays on track
  • HP order growth
    slows in 2d quarter

OnlineExtra, updating the May '97 issue

  • HP 3000 division sets up Year 2000 help at Web site
  • How to get Java from the FREEWARE tape working
  • What those VPLUS enhancements for Year 2000 can do
  • One use you WON'T find for those new 9Gb drives
  • Upgrade values posted for Series 997 systems
  • 3000 Buyer's guides online
  • HP lowers costs on "free" network printing for HP 3000s
  • Ping of Death patch works, if you get the right one

May 1997 FlashPaper

  • HP 3000 sales are growing faster than spring lawns
  • NT is bringing more than comfort to HP 3000 system choices
  • Those big-boy HP 3000s drive a better bus
  • Orbit waded into a competition with Unison over 3000 backup
  • WRQ is turning its attention to Java software
  • A free HP 3000 emulator is making its debut this month
  • That new SMTP gateway for 3000 e-mail has a broader target market

May 1997 First Class News

HP makes promises for 64-bit 3000s for high end: Series 997

Express 2 Release to deliver Customer Delight, Year 2000 enhancements

First cup of Java served for HP 3000s

Reporting from IPROF, (Web) Page Two

HP offers 9Gb drive, Networker as storage, backup solutions

NewsWire Briefs

  • HP releases Year 2000 White Paper
  • Java rolls out for reporting
  • Omnidex Stars twinkle for 3000s
  • HP opens Bridge of high availability discounts

OnlineExtra, updating the April '97 issue

  • Hey -- I thought I wasn't getting 64-bit HP 3000s
  • No more Sevcik on the Intel alliance
  • Watch for the long-awaited DNS service on HP 3000s
  • A new breed of Apache surfaces for the Web
  • Tie off this security loophole if your 3000 serves the Internet
  • Another Java version waits in the 3000's kitchen
  • St. Paul Software shifts staff, schedules user group meet
  • DTC Manager upgrade should arrive automatically
  • Or, you can drop DTC Manager with MPE/iX 5.5
  • SCRUG hosts an Internet/Intranet Conference
  • Get a one-day primer on High Availability

April 1997 FlashPaper

  • The COBOL choices for HP 3000s might be expanding
  • A new free tool helps manage that IMAGE/SQL snarl
  • Why wait for networked backups to HP 3000s?
  • Watch for your first cup of Java from the 3000 next month
  • CSM is getting inside the latest version of MPE/iX
  • Lund adopted tools from former 3000 supplier Carolian Systems
  • Bradmark unveiled an Allbase/SQL tool from its alliance chest

April 1997 First Class News

CSY says "special orders don't upset us"

HP provides details on 3000 enhancements at IPROF

IMAGE supporters propose database enhancements to HP

Roseville 3000 engineers rise from the dead at IPROF meet

NewsWire Briefs

  • Bradmark tells about Year 2000 plans
  • Second MIME gateway for Desk emerges
  • OpenView DTC gets Win95 ability
  • Net tools, Samba, Java 3000
    available on FREEWARE tape

OnlineExtra, updating the March '97 issue

  • HP sets sail for a sea of Supplement sites
  • NT security flaw makes 3000 look more secure
  • Still a way to PING some 3000s to death
  • Microsoft cozies up with HP at press event
  • Another way into NT integration
  • Dow Jones takes on HP as select stock
  • Secure your Samba on the 3000
  • Get your Marc Hoff nominations in soon
  • Jukebox DAT drive emerges from HP's labs
  • MM/3000, 925-935 ready for Year 2000
  • Year 2000 alliances start in 3000 community
  • More from the ADBC offering
  • Get those emergency diagnostic passwords from the RC
  • NECRUG lays out conference plans
  • Redundant HASS problems
  • Putting MPE help on the Web
  • St. Paul Software's EC Center Achieves Record Growth

March 1997 FlashPaper

  • HP got more specific about 3000 improvements at IPROF
  • Password-protected diagnostics:
    the itch you can't scratch and won't go away
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    how come you don't see me at all?
  • SIGIMAGE users asked for a better ODBC interface
  • Oracle's on sale again, and this time everybody qualifies
  • Roseville rose from the dead to listen to 3000 requests

March 1997 First Class News

ADBC kit plugs IMAGE into Internet on 3000s

HP roadmap keeps 3000 customers on course

HP woos new system sales with free Web Server

NewsWire Briefs: Year 2000, more Java tools and Web updates

Classic 3000s get ready for Year 2000

OnlineExtra, updating the February '97 issue

  • More TurboIMAGE links via Java
  • HP has a hot first quarter, and so does the 3000
  • Another Year 2000 tool
  • Get a line on 3000 job opportunities and talent
  • Cool free stuff at 3k
  • Tools to help find Year 2000 code
  • Load your soft fonts from MPE/iX
  • Slice down those spams with NetMail
  • A new FTP client that understands the 3000
  • Free paging software that works with your 3000
  • That IPROF tape is gonna be great -- and you can get it afterward, too
  • 3000 EDI supplier adds new CEO in prep for IPO
  • Watch out for that report of whether a DAT tape is online
  • Getting Telnet enabled with no TAC

February 1997 FlashPaper

  • HP's strategic 3000 roadmap didn't detour customers
  • HP's Year 2000 tool list is premature and incomplete
  • HP's 32-bit ODBC will arrive with the same haste that aging MPE releases expire
  • A new free Web server whoops it up on the 3000
  • Samba is taking fast steps on the 3000 dance floor
  • We've been honored for our Web information sites

February 1997 First Class News

First Report on HP's Strategic 1997 Satellite Broadcast
Strategic roadmap keeps 3000 path separate from Intel, full 64-bit MPE/iX

HP to bring 64 bit capability to MPE/iX in phases

HP emphasizes Shareplex as new performance path

3000 users to get lower-cost 32-bit ODBC alternative

MANMAN sites get GUI interface for 3000 manufacturing

CRYPTOCard beefs up HP 3000 security for SAFE/3000

Suitcases set up HP 3000 to Go

HP to step up with Samba for NT to 3000 links

NewsWire Editorial: Get What You Need
Hope for What you Want

OnlineExtra, updating the January '97 issue

  • Mad for 64 bits? Your needs, and budget, must be vast
  • Oracle's not going anywhere, for now
  • We heard about the compilers, but not enough
  • PowerHouse gets ready for Year 2000
  • Will these HP 3000s celebrate the millennium?
  • Tools to help find Year 2000 code
  • Swap tapes: another reason to be at IPROF next month
  • Watch out for a clumsy MOVER
  • PatchWatch: Get the latest fixes for Telnet Server/iX
  • Watch for a VSTORE command on 4.0 to 5.5 upgrades

January 1997 FlashPaper

  • Look over the 3000's 1997-1999 roadmap on January 29
  • Minisoft's engineers are programming up a sweat in this coldest of seasons
  • Another entry in the ODBC for IMAGE derby is making its way onto the track
  • Try out an Explorer for your HP 3000
  • Make your reservations for IPROF
  • St. Paul Software's Electronic Commerce solution can get you onto EDI hubs

January 1997 First Class News

HP 3000 Solution Teams form to plan enhancements

SIGIMAGE ballot includes sweeping change proposal

3000 sites prepare for Year 2000 with tools, confidence

WRQ makes case for NS/VT connections with Reflection Suite

Cognos revises product plan, returns to 3000 fold


OnlineExtra, updating the December '96 issue

  • We're waiting to hear about the compilers for the 3000
  • 9 Gb drives in the wings for 3000s
  • OpenDesk migration offers abound
  • Samba takes steps on HP 3000
  • Web kit gets an even easier install
  • How to fix UPS communication problems
  • LISTF will have ACCESS capabilities soon
  • 3000 comes out at Internet World
  • St. Paul integrates applications with Oracle
  • Time is nearly out for 4.0 MPE/iX
  • HP 3000 training surfaces in California, North Carolina

December FlashPaper

  • HP 3000 orders roar as HP's fiscal year ends in new records
  • Cast your ballots to improve IMAGE/SQL
  • Step Up to 9x7 hardware for less, and get application and memory deals
  • Where's that HP 3000 TV training going?
  • Patches for the 3000 are online, but they're a crazy quilt
  • Fund your HP 3000 1997 training schedule with 1996 funds

December 1996 First Class News

New 3000s sport 4-way multiprocessing with new chip

3000 middleware marches through development, but slowly

PowerPatch 1 brings 3000 extra Telnet functionality

New backup, mass storage options relieve 3000 bottlenecks

Web tools take on security, client capability for HP 3000

OnlineExtra, updating the November '96 issue

  • HP To Outline 3000's Roadmap In Late January
  • HP Names Web/Intranet Integrators For HP 3000
  • Get HP 3000 TV Shows From HP World On Tape
  • Life Ends For Series 939 And 959 Systems Next Century
  • HP Moves To A New Trade Up Program Next Month
  • 9x8's Lead Times Are Like Ordering PCs
  • Hidden Value: Adjusting Dates For Daylight Savings
  • HP Makes Progress On Ping Protection
  • Calling Intrinsics From Gnu C++
  • Hidden Value: Renaming An Account, Clarified

November FlashPaper

  • Never mind that new 3000 -- hurry and get your 969 upgrades
  • With Mohawk comes a tribe of new storage devices
  • HP's making Java jump on 3000s at Internet World
  • Javelin is on target for using the Web as a VPlus substitute
  • MPE/iX 5.5 is getting few bug reports, but some are already on file
  • Tune into Robelle Radio on the Web

November 1996 First Class News

HP announces first PA-8000 powered 3000s

Online backup vendors face off over logical integrity

HP 3000s tap into new RAID storage devices

HP DeskManager customers ponder uncertain product fate

OnlineExtra, updating the October '96 issue

  • Details surface on new HP 3000 midrange rollout
  • New PA-8200 chip promises more speed increases
  • WRQ ships and HP announces desktop management products
  • HP sales force gets magazine award
  • Watch your tape firmware during 5.5 installs
  • Ping problem gets attention from HP and users
  • B-tree testing still looking for sites
  • Hidden Value: controlling multiple log-ons
  • Browse and search the 3000-L archives
  • DataNow regroups to Idaho

October FlashPaper

  • Next month's 3000 rollout will be a focused release
  • HP's MPE training is getting canned
  • Get hands on training on MPE/iX 5.5 in Texas
  • Phones and manufacturing still drive 3000 into new sites
  • Browser-based VPlus replacement works with non-PC clients
  • The 3000 Web Starter Kit is ready for you to download
  • Use the 3000 as a Web server, and skip learning Posix

October 1996 First Class News

HP launches beta tests of new B-trees for IMAGE

Forklift brings GUI interface to IMAGE dataset transfers

WRQ buys into software management market

HP details operations and management of B-trees

HP's Oracle sale for 3000s winds down by month's end

Survey shows COBOL users need a GUI interface, plan to use 3000 as client server platform

OnlineExtra, updating the September '96 issue

  • HP Readies New 3000 Systems Announcement
  • Java Project Still Brewing
  • Training For MPE/iX 5.5 At All-Texas RUG
  • MPE/iX 5.5 Training From HP -- A Delayed Broadcast
  • 3k Associates Adds 3000 FTP And Fax Solutions
  • 5.5 Is In Heavy Demand
  • Be Sure You'Ve Got The Right Version For Prefetch

September 1996 FlashPaper

  • CSY wants to revise those Roseville priorities
  • HP looks into making OpenView useful for 3000s again
  • IMAGE b-trees are nearing a beta test
  • Year 2000 efforts pick up pace at HP
  • Browsers emerge as IMAGE DBA interfaces
  • HP 3000 Web Starter Kit gets ready
  • A seasoned HP publication closes its doors

At HP World: Q&A with CSBU chief Glenn Osaka on the 3000's future

At HP World: HP embraces Proposition 3000

September 1996 First Class News

Online Extra: Updates of July 1996 stories, August breaking news

August 1996 First Class News