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Online Extra No. 81

HP wants just one version of MPE for emulation
Interex unveils second 3000 Symposium date
Euro user groups merge before North America's
MB Foster's UDACentral sale ends Dec. 31
COBOL gets its new standard set, at long last
HP moving Amazon toward Linux, not HP-UX
Patchwatch: New CI, HP tools for 6.5
Eloquence 3000 Inc. opens wing off Robelle's halls

December 2002

HP's price on new MPE licenses is likely to be affordable
Minisoft is carrying 3000 forms toward PDF, and ODBC across to Unix
HP report gives the market a bounce, but no leap of expectations for 2003
HP unreeled new tape storage options that may embrace 3000 customers
Terix signed an exclusive support deal with GCG Data
VA7100s better support older HP 3000s

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December 2002

Poll shows sites slow to leave 3000 — One year after HP announced its plans to leave the HP 3000, a little more than half of its customers are either still studying their response to the news or choosing to homestead on the platform, according to a 3000 NewsWire poll.

Independent HW support adds expert assistance — HP 3000 owners looking toward third party options for support this year will find resources both familiar and unexpected to service their systems: former HP 3000 configuration expertise and IBM Global Services.

Troubleshooting gets independent — Downsizing is putting seasoned 3000 pros out of a job , and one is taking a path that continues to make services available to 3000 buyers and owners: ramping up an independent consulting and help desk business.

Transition tour outlines migrate option — A 12-city road show consolidates first year’s planning advice for several hundred 3000 sites. In Houston on November 14, something less than two dozen customer sites sent their IT staff to hear the news about the platform’s transition — one year to the day after HP announced its end of sales and support.

IMAGE bumps SQL Server app offline — A new application for 3000s manages customers for Internet service providers, displacing Windows

ISV journeys down Linux migration road, by John Burke — The leading K-12 app provider on HP 3000s takes steps to move its software to Linux, in this first of a two-part study exploring the issues of porting to low cost Unix

Online Extra No. 80

Defining an emulator: software or hardware?
Samba has new features en route for 3000
CAMUS sets up ERP advice for 2003
Interex maintains leadership after election
Time change still smoother on 3000
MBS, Cognos partner on BI solution
New patches deliver improvements for 3000

Hardware keeps rolling beyond HP channel — As the HP 3000 crossed over its 30-year service mark this month, the computer was growing more than respect and a reputation. The system that drives MPE and IMAGE has gained a sales resource at the same time that established third parties report supply of the systems was as healthy as ever.

A-Class speed boost: For sale? — A poorly-kept secret might lead to richer performance in the HP 3000’s future, even though the vendor is done releasing faster, newer models of the server. Improved processor speeds lie locked inside the low-end A-Class models of the computer’s newest generation. Even some newer N-Class computers have room to run faster.

Migration testimony charts meticulous journey — As HP and its migration partners tour the US this fall, the customer reports HP presented in an HP World migration roundtable show that moves off the system are likely to cover many seasons.

Cooper outlines performance at HP World — In what might be the last such talk ever given by HP, the vendor detailed new 3000 hardware and OS performance

MANMAN sites face enhancement sunset — SSA Global Technology announced the ERP package is due for few enhancements, and users react and plan to extend

iSeries conference points to 3000’s history — In a short peek at how the other half learns, IBM’s chief scientist invokes the 3000’s name before COMMON customers

Online Extra No. 79

SSA puts brakes on further MANMAN enhancements
MPE-IMAGE ought to be untied
HP puts emulators into MPE's path
Interex board vote impacts leadership
A-, N-Class firmware gets update
COBOL II gets fix for performance bog
HP hires for print, services, lays off in servers

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October 2002

Homesteader’s hope emerges from HP’s world — In Los Angeles at HP World, HP gave customers the first ledges of opportunity to continue their climb with their HP 3000s, announcing it will allow a 3000 hardware emulator project to continue as well as creating new MPE licenses.

What's to Hide? — At a meeting where HP told Interex to bar reporters from covering, the vendor told customers about options to extend HP's 3000 support beyond 2006 and explained why it did not sell off the MPE business in the face of offers last fall.

HP World changes post-merger — The first meeting between top HP executives and HP 3000 customers since the vendor’s exit announcement didn’t spur the sparks anticipated by some in the 3000 community. HP forestalled the clashes at a much smaller conference than recent years, by bringing some hope for homesteaders to Los Angeles at the same time it arranged hours of migration briefings.

Acucorp ships new COBOL tool family — COBOL compiler supplier Acucorp has shipped its 5.2.2 version of its extend5 family of COBOL development tools, including AcuCOBOL-GT, the COBOL compiler for the HP 3000 that includes MPE nuances and provides a path toward other environments.

Online Extra No. 78

HP World meetings converge for max MPE effect
File system makes your 3000 great
HP begins to shed MPE expertise
HP seems to want it both ways, for now
Migration meeting, or OpenMPE?
RUGs mount fall meetings
Speedware touts support certification

September 2002

Expect some progress in the homestead options at HP World
Will a required MPE/iX 7.5 drag down sales of the newest HP 3000s?
HP hunted in vain for finished migrations
Allegro settled its case with HP over trade secrets and stolen property
HP made basic Unix training free from the Web
Platinum Migration partners are facing off on database tool pricing
Amisys rolled out its last general release of 3000 healthcare software

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September 2002

HP rolls out its last upgrade of 3000 line — It may have taken the ultimate demise of HP’s 3000 business to prompt the offer, but the company is now rolling out a performance deal hard to deny: more speed for no extra cost. By placing the PA-8700 processors in its existing A-Class and N-Class servers, HP increased performance on the line from 35 to 100 percent, all at prices no higher than existing N-Class and A-Class models.

Newest MPE/iX release speeds IO — Fulfilling one of HP’s older promises, Version 7.5 of MPE/iX shipped this month enabling Fibre Channel connections for HP 3000 peripherals, as well as freeing a secure Web server and expanding storage and database limits. The software is billed as the last mainline release HP will create for the computer.

Tools crowd database migration fields — Data used to be the last anchor that lashed companies to HP 3000s and applications. A few years ago the problem of migrating data kept HP 3000 customers from considering a migration away from the computer platform. But with the blood in the market’s water after HP’s decision to end its support of the system, tools suppliers are feeding on the opportunity of a customer base in transition by launching three new products at HP World this month.

University’s data migration follows familiar course — While leaving the 3000 platform, a well-known data access tool made the migration to IBM’s Informix database the smoothest part of a three-year trek toward an off-the-shelf Unix app

WRQ supplies security through Reflection — Version 10 of the PC and Web connectivity client offers libraries that enable SSL security for 3000 applications

NewsWire Briefs

HP’s bill for its merger comes due in a red-ink third quarter

HP finishes most MPE/iX System Improvement requests from 2001

HP 3000 software and consulting firm teams up for migrations to IBM’s iSeries servers

Online Extra No. 77

HP's 3000 history, and its AS/400 lessons
OpenMPE extends its HP World meeting
Glum forecast for IT spending, with a silver lining for the 3000
A tutorial on 3000 tape to tape copying
Patchwatch: 6.5 users get more stable Telnet
Suprtool training arrives in the East
Amisys sets fall user group meeting

August 2002

HP’s latest, and maybe last, version of MPE/iX has been cleared for release
HP World will offer another gathering of 3000 advocates and experts
ORBiT Software offers new help for migration of backups
OpenMPE issues may be getting a hearing from HP next month
Amisys rolled out a new client-server module for healthcare

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August 2002

Licensing issues fall into future plans — Even after HP leaves the field of sales for HP 3000s next year, it expects its customers to play by the vendor’s rules. But the bulk of issues about licensing after next fall remain unresolved, and the lack of information is just another element holding up plans for homesteading and migration.

Support extension to help migration, homestead — HP’s 3000 customers will face fewer changes in their operations over the next two years since the company extended the end of support date for a popular release of MPE/iX. The 6.5 operating system that was scheduled to become unsupported by HP on December 31, 2003 now will be eligible for HP support through all of 2004.

Eloquence faces future challenge — HP’s recommendation for the most compatible IMAGE/SQL database replacement continues its “permanent temporary” lifespan this year. And HP 3000 customers considering migration away from the platform might be able to read a similar future into their server, since HP’s forecast of Eloquence’s lifespan hasn’t been so precise.

Database Webcast maps IMAGE replacement — Like commuters tuned to rush-hour traffic reports, HP’s customers and partners had already heard about the slowdowns ahead while driving toward non-IMAGE databases on alternative platforms. HP used its fifth Webcast on migration issues to convince those database drivers that the tie-ups in Oracle intersections weren’t that bad.

NewsWire Briefs

New IMAGE tracing facility simplifies application monitoring and migration to Eloquence

HP gives partners at recent developer forum licenses for Programmer Studio

eXegeSys signs on to port BRW to other environments

OpenMPE poll targets primary needs of homesteading customers

STR upgrades its fax application for HP 3000s

CSI launches disaster recovery for small business

Platinum partner MBS names new enterprise applications VP

Online Extra No. 76

HP lowers leasing rate for 3000s
Understand your licensing futures?
Webcasts about migration queue up for rebroadcast
Query expert at HP takes retirement plan
Netsysco offers HP-UX training for 3000 managers
Amisys users plan 11.0 conference call, fall meeting
HP to drop Bluestone, app server offerings
Sector 7 signs on with Acucobol

July 2002

An extra year of support, and its revenues for HP, gets added to MPE/iX 6.5
Apache is safer from hacking if it's installed on HP 3000s
3000 channel partners got a picture of their HP future
HP stretched out its support for some of the 3000 line
MBS is adding Transoft, Denkart relationships to its Platinum picture
Perl's got new modules for its MPE/iX customers
Dial in and log on if you want advice on moving from IMAGE

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July 2002

HP announces its OpenMPE relationship — With 14 months left until it stops selling HP 3000s, HP started the clock on its planning for customers who will play with the systems after HP leaves the field

IBM vies for 3000 customers IBM and one of its larger North American iSeries distributors are planning to host a Webcast to promote the iSeries to business executives at companies using HP 3000s. IBM will have to dispel doubts about the future of a proprietary computing platform — the same kind of assurances HP has been delivering to 3000 customers for years, at least until last November.

HP expands Platinum partner program — HP added another company to the roster of firms pledged to assist in migrating small and midsize HP 3000 sites, expanding a group whose members believed they had exclusive membership. Managed Business Solutions (MBS) was named as the fourth HP Platinum partner, joining M.B. Foster Associates, Lund Performance Solutions and Speedware as North American companies handling migration plans and execution.

Ecometry offers new platform promises — Its merger failed, e-commerce app supplier talks up futures for customers on NT and tests on HP’s Unix platform

HP paints Transition picture for interfaces — Webcast offers advice on how to retool to eliminate VPlus screens, suggests migration can green-light facelifts

NewsWire Briefs

ANSI offers new Open Commerce Services to keep development on 3000s

MB Foster signs pact with Transoft for migration tools

Service companies line up to support 3000 hardware

Cognos to study support for Eloquence

Perl upgraded for 3000, Secure Web server goes beta

Lund names sales manager, inks pacts with Neartek, Ordina Denkart for migration tools

Online Extra No. 75

Nobix signs distribution agreement with Client Systems
HP 3000 safe from BIND security warning
erl script language rolls to improved version
HP promises faster layoffs, more savings
CE savvy dropping, and a phone support trick
HP heads for partner forum at month's end
Hidden Value: Definitions while adding datasets
PatchWatch: Fix the free job queue feature in 6.0
Copying a patch tape: How-to
New healthcare regs surface for Amisys sites

June 2002

Ecometry took itself private instead of merging
HP added another Platinum Migration partner in the US
Streamlined SQL access is in beta test this month
HP will still be creating patches for MPE/iX
HP’s Webcasts explored languages, with interfaces next
ANSI's API offers a J2EE option for both homesteaders and migrators

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June 2002

CSY goes virtual; Prather exits division — Winston Prather has exited HP’s 3000 division, but he has architected the retirement of the CSY General Manager title in HP’s post-merger reorganization — because CSY is disappearing as a division, becoming a virtual HP organization to be led by former R&D chief Dave Wilde.

HP assembles blessing for Eloquence database — HP officials are allying with the SIG IMAGE/SQL Special Interest Group to route 3000 customers onto a database bypass this summer. The two organizations are telling HP 3000 sites which are planning to move off the system that the HP Eloquence database is a viable vehicle for data at small to medium-size shops.

IBM’s iSeries offers some a soft landing — In mid-May IBM hosted a special two-day meeting at its iSeries (formerly AS/400) headquarters in Rochester, Minn. About two dozen people representing a cross-section of the HP 3000 ISV, developer and consultant community paid their own way to hear IBM’s story about the iSeries and why it should be considered as a migration target for those moving off the HP 3000. John Burke joined this party to see what IBM has to offer 3000 customers.

NewsWire Briefs

HP sets an end for its latest virtual arrays

Q2 figures show HP’s profits slipping, with red ink in Computer Systems

Minisoft’s data drivers add Eloquence support

Reflection Web 5.0 adds admin, directory features

Traceroute arrives in MPE/iX 6.0 through 7.0

Online Extra No. 74

Finley, Sieler, Cooper defend against charges
Prather steps out of 3000 division; CSY goes virtual
GHRUG postpones conference
Samba gets a new version for the HP 3000
PHP makes the Web talk with IMAGE, and it's free
Webcast promises language advice
Sendmail talk offers training on the Web
Security vulnerability stalks MPE systems
SIU goes to Version B
Speedware posts Q2 profit

May 2002

HP executed its merger with Compaq, but few products died yet
OpenMPE started a donation plan, and waits on HP’s decision
DDS-1 tapes will arrive no more
IBM is targeting the HP 3000 customers once more
Speedware hosts migration experience, touts Platinum status

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May 2002

Update: HP extends one deadline on Transition offer — The first deadline in the HP campaign to move customers off the 3000 slipped in California, when attendees at the Interex e3000 Solutions Symposium learned they now have three extra years to purchase 3000-to-HP 9000 conversion kits for their N-Class and A-Class 3000s. The announcement was one of several designed to motivate more customer acceptance of HP-UX platforms. Separately, partners at the conference reported HP has told them it will not be hurrying customers to migrate.

Amisys reaches for Oracle, Transoft for application port — Trying again, after you don’t at first succeed, will involve changing development goals for Amisys LLC, the company serving about 100 healthcare organizations in the US with its HP 3000 solution. The firm wants to move its customers to the Unix platform, just as it did in the late 1990s with its failed Amisys Open initiative. This time around the project to move the complex application suite will begin as a port of existing functionality, instead of a rewrite with new features and a new front end.

Webcast offers plans, Platinum — HP turned to a pair of its solutions partners to deliver advice for migrations away from the HP 3000, as M.B. Foster Associates and Lund Performance Solutions leaders offered education on planning during HP’s latest Webcast.

MANMAN market hopeful over new owner — SSA Global Technology brings ERP experience to the manufacturing base of 3000 owners who have gotten along with their legacy application. But SSA will also offer IBM-centric alternatives of its own

Online Extra No. 73

Secure your 3000 from Denial of Service attacks
Do a beta test on a needed patch
JetBlue takes off with massive IPO
Merger hardball gets leaked, so HP calls cops
Texas to corral 3000 advice at RUG meeting
Getting MPE/iX 7.0 right -- and ready for 9x7s, perhaps
CAMUS extends early bird for ERP show
Patch up 6.0 DNS software

April 2002

HP added incentives to woo more migrations at the Symposium
Customers voted for HP to invest in extending MPE's future
Computer Associates sold off the group which owns MANMAN
Amisys plans to port to Unix in 15 months
Client Systems almost set a one-month record for 3000 sales
There's more migration assistance coming online this summer
HP lost its bid to kill off the Walter Hewlett lawsuit blocking its merger

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April 2002

Poll: 44 percent of 9x7s going third-party — This month’s end of HP hardware support for Series 9x7 HP 3000s may not be changing many customer plans, according to a survey of those owning the most popular system. That’s because the largest group of those customers appear to have already moved beyond HP’s reach while continuing to use the platform.

HP extends one deadline on Transition offer — The first deadline in the HP campaign to move customers off the 3000 slipped in California, when attendees at the Interex e3000 Solutions Symposium learned they now have three extra years to purchase 3000-to-HP 9000 conversion kits for their N-Class and A-Class 3000s. The announcement was one of several designed to motivate more customer acceptance of HP-UX platforms. Separately, partners at the conference reported HP has told them it will not be hurrying customers to migrate.

HP uncaps storage, Web advances for MPE — While HP marketing forces continue to hawk migration from the 3000, the company’s engineers are releasing features that improve the value of operating the venerable server.

Fiorina claims merger victory; Hewlett sues, claims HP coercion — HP CEO Carly Fiorina declared victory in the shareholder struggle over the future of HP less than an hour after the company’s shareholder meeting closed March 19. But less than 10 days later, dissident director Walter Hewlett filed a lawsuit charging HP with coercing an investment bank to change its vote on 17 million shares in favor of the deal — or risk having HP cancel business with the investor.

WRQ surveys 3000 Transition reaction — One of the larger software suppliers to HP 3000 shops says its customers are still making decisions on how to respond to HP’s plan to leave the community in 2006. But WRQ expects “a big chunk of the marketplace to stay there, if it’s an option.”

Online Extra No. 72

HP user group endorses merger without polling members
We're against it — merger will do HP's enterprise no good
We were wrong: merger likely to linger beyond March 19
Hurry to vote on the 3000 improvement ballot
7.0 and 7.5 — is there time to get them right?
Migration tracks swell at Symposium
Does LDAP give HP-UX a chance at IMAGE-like speed?

March 2002

Wait, that Web training from HP on migration will be free
Sales continue to rise in North America for 3000s
OpenMPE Inc. wants you to line up on its Transition side, and soon
HP got an analyst to recommend its merger plan with Compaq
Bradmark passed along forever wishes for the 3000 community
Orbit's got a way to move from the 3000's COBOL to C, in automated fashion

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March 2002

3000 experts examine emulation plans — Engineering talent with more than 14 years experience developing parts of the RISC-based HP 3000 operating system, utilities and applications is taking a closer look at emulation for the system this month — and waiting for HP to make a statement on supporting such a project.

Ecometry founders to sell to Syngistix — Pledging their 35-percent stake in the company, Ecometry founders Wilburn Smith and Allan Gardner are backing the $36 million sale of their publicly traded company to Syngistix. Company officials now expect the deal will execute in the April or May time frame, a sale that will bring $2.4 million more in cash than a prior offer by the founders to take their company private.

ERP vendor explores Transition plans — The hundreds of HP 3000 sites using MANMAN ERP software got early advice from their software supplier last month, as InterBiz offered to replace the MPE version of their application with several programs running on other platforms.

Third party steps in to replace HP peripherals — What’s a future without HP look like? A dot-matrix printer manufacturer steps up when HP steps out of a market

Online Extra No. 71

HP ends the baiting, drops fees for Web migration training
Fix your 6.5 SL.PUB.SYS file
Offices extend 9x7 HP support
Processors provide plenty of emulation horsepower
Oracle to dump HP-UX in its IT ops
Suprtool adds Eloquence support
Interex survey offers 3000 users impact
HP World paper deadline approaches fast

February 2002

New HP 3000s are still moving in
The sound of the for-sale cash register is ringing at Ecometry
Put up or split up: HP calls for a vote on its merger in March
SIG 3000 won't be meeting this year
HP started a public beta test of new inventory software for 3000s
A CSY resource has moved to the world of Linux
Interex closed its last platform-specific publication for good

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February 2002

OpenMPE fills board with 3000 veterans — Founders of the group dedicated to preserving the life of MPE beyond HP’s plans formed an elected a board of directors last month, with HP permitting one of its top engineers to take a board seat as well.

HP Webcast leaves out details on migration — More than 500 customers logged onto a 90-minute HP migration Webcast to learn that the vendor expected them to pay for specific Web-based help to move from the HP 3000 to HP’s Unix systems. Details on how to begin a migration will be reserved for future shows that HP wanted to charge 3000 customers for.

Transport gathers up tools for Transition — HP’s prodding of its 3000 customers into planning for new platforms presses companies into needing new resources. Open Seas, in conjunction with North American partner Lund Performance Solutions, aims to ensure those customers won’t have to provide their own migration experience — or even the tools for the job.

ScreenJet, Acucorp team for Transition — A software firm selling 3000 GUI emulation and the new COBOL presence in the 3000 world team up their technologies.

Lund names new president, aims at service foundation — Scott Pierson becomes just the second president in firm’s 15-year history, steps up services mission.

Online Extra No. 70

HP engineer joins OpenMPE Inc. board
JDBC driver gets ROMAN8 capabilities
New utility lets system consoles talk
HP's credit looks bad, according to Fortune
Things you might miss most on HP-UX
Linux: Where are the applications?
New Powerhouse makes PDL from IMAGE
A free FTP client for multiple platforms
CAMUS hosts manufacturing conference

January 2002

The OpenMPE movement now has a board of directors
An emulation vendor is exploring the 3000 space
Customers want HP to open up COBOL's resources
Interex-Europe asked HP to reconsider its 3000 futures
HP and Interex are spreading migration advice around
Multiprocessor N-Class has gone as far as it will ever go
HP is still figuring out what to do with its own 3000s

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January 2002

Vendors take sides in Transition plans — Software firms in the HP 3000 community reacted to HP’s end-of-support announcement with varying degrees of haste, ranging from plans ready on announcement day to companies developing their strategies over the next three months or more.

Eloquence speaks up as IMAGE replacement — The most IMAGE-compatible database for non-3000 platforms is getting a lot more attention from 3000 customers in the wake of HP’s decision to leave the community. Some developers considering a shift to HP Eloquence are trying to judge whether Eloquence could continue to speak if HP decided to shut it off, as it has curtailed IMAGE and Allbase development.

Studio paints two faces on IMAGE move, migrations — HP 3000 shops will hear about many products this year which promise to help migrate away from the platform. Some are being offered by companies with deep MPE experience. Only a few have potential for working alongside HP 3000 databases now, as well as enabling migrations in the future.

MBS aims at 3000 migrations, management — A company that’s been supporting 3000 applications at Agilent wants to help companies manage apps and migrate