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Online Extra No. 57

Samba gets another update for 3000
Conference deadlines loom for papers, registration
e-Way application wins award
SCA gets overwhelmed with traffic
TraceRT readied for 3000 once more
HP spreads the 3000 name around — to 9000 model
PDF product gets updated
CSY opens the hood on FTP improvements

December 2000

HP sends Open Skies on a one-way flight
Criminal verdicts wrapped up the charges of stealing 3000 licenses
There's no support for 7.0 on the 9x7 servers
6.5 earned an Express 2 release
Smith-Gardner renamed itself after its flagship product Ecometry

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December, 2000

Bridge works to fill gap before N-ClassHP has been telling its 3000 customers about its pending N-Class systems since last year, but now the forthcoming e3000s are being used as a carrot to buy existing 9x9 systems.

European users show off e applications on 3000s — In an airport conference center at the heart of Amsterdam a new version of an old HP 3000 tradition took place: a meeting of customers to strut success, with nary a contrary word about market or marketing.

Java/iX struts new speed on e3000The rap against using Java on HP e3000s looks to be lifting, now that the language is posting improved performance numbers in its latest release. But some customers are skipping speed questions altogether by using application servers and servlets on their e3000s.

6.5 update offers big-system speed benefitsThis year’s HP World was abuzz with new products, technology, problems and issues, but the top question there seemed to clearly be “should we upgrade to MPE/iX 6.5?” Release 6.5, unlike any prior release, seems truly to be designed for supporting multiple-processor e3000 systems, which currently run up to 12 processors.

TheDash: Looking at Promising PotentialA NewsWire First Look article previews software that’s still making its way to a first full release.

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Online Extra No. 56

Execs praise 3000; some customers question veracity
Watch out for 6.5 install instruction errors

Interex executive Piercey to resign; board vote makes quorum

Bigwords.com shuts books on S-G Web venture

HP suggests consultant help for upgrades

Tracert has been pulled from 3000

A new Apache version is available, but not yet supported

HP 3000 meetings sprawl over February

Novermber 2000

HP 3000 brokers get jail time, plead guilty in California cases
Take another path beyond the end of HP's 5.5 support
Open Seas announced the acquisition of Fantasia
The newest Qedit adds more control over editing
Tech Group mounts a Certification board at the 3000 University

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Novermber 2000

5.5 sites study where to go: 6.5 or 6.0? — HP 3000 managers will be planning for another end-of-year change during the next month or so, as the thousands of sites running MPE/iX 5.5 make the transition to a supported operating system. This year’s holiday celebration plans shouldn’t take a hit like last year’s Y2K changeover, however.

3000 suits up for Web apps with Enhydra — At HP World, e3000 customers hunted for more evidence their server is ready to do business over the Internet. In many a 3000 meeting they heard one clue, full of promise and already packing accomplishment: Enhydra.

Management roundtable defends absent 3000 activity — The majority of roundtable time was spent on considering the e3000’s future. But customers at the HP World e3000 roundtable focused on what is not yet available for the platform: system administrator-level improvements, adequate communication about development opportunities, a complete match with peripherals released for HP-UX, and other growth issues.

No heavy lifting, but SIGS track 3000 growth at HP World — Special Interest Group meetings for system managers and IMAGE follow what’s done, and still to do

Laser printer meets continuous form needs — A replacement for the HP 2680 continuous form laser printing emerged at HP World, ready for MPE applications

Online assistant untangles Web of support — A seasoned 3000 manager says the new SCA site from HP offers great promise to ease contract management’s pain

Online Extra No. 55

Fiorina takes lead on HP board
HP sites let you buy, configure 3000 products online
Lab names new section manager
HASS enclosures see end of life; HVD to take over
Getting the new bezels for e3000s
Clean up Web pages with TIDY
Southwest tops online ticket sales with e3000
More intelligent FTP between 3000s
Tip: How to introduce different libraries for test purposes
Oracle: ....and the horse it rode in on

October 2000

Watch out for performance before installing MPE/iX 6.5
The patch that gets 6.5 PowerPatch 1 working right is going GR
HP 3000 training is coming to a new classroom
The "Hey Carly" protest ad funds are being returned
A new system management tool surfaced for e3000 managers
The pain of support contracts can subside, online
Boyd steps up for Bradmark, while Tashenberg goes CTO
A new e-mail solution updates Web pages with dynamic content

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October 2000

Next Gen hardware includes A-Class e3000 — HP’s e3000 Platform Planning Manager Dave Snow announced that a new system based on the company’s A-Class HP 9000 servers will be introduced next year, offering a refresh on the low end of the 3000 line.

HP World examines 6.5 performance issues — A PP1 bug introduced a slowdown, but a new memory manager gets MP systems working faster. Advice on speeding up systems flowed freely at the HP World MPE Performance Roundtable.

Prather delivers HP execs' promises for 3000 future — HP’s Winston Prather took his first steps on an HP World stage as Commercial System Division (CSY) general manager last month, toting a pair of video commitments from top HP executives as he mapped a path for the HP e3000’s future.

Livermore explains HP's multi-OS strategy — The President of HP’s customer-facing organization said in an exclusive interview at HP World that MPE/iX continues to be important to HP — but she doesn’t foresee expanding the role of the platform in the company’s multiple operating system strategy

HP top execs give 3000 airtime in keynote — At long last, the e3000 got corporate attention from the HP CEO. The mention came before the faithful customers at HP World, when Carly Fiorina began her introductory video keynote with a story of how the e3000 represents HP’s willingness to satisfy customers.

Superdome and MPE/iX: maybe tomorrow HP’s much anticipated Superdome announcement may not have an official MPE component yet, but the highest end of mainframes could have a link with the 3000 market in the future.

HP dedicates resources to 3000 revamping — HP 3000 division General Manager Winston Prather said at the HP World management roundtable that he made the decision last year to pursue larger development projects for the platform, instead of committing resources to many more detailed development requests.

Dot-com vendor resets 3000 solution rules — A company built around business practices new to the HP 3000 market took its products before the public at HP World, as Millware Corp. showed off its ScreenJet and TheDash software and offered customer testimonials.

SIGPrint shows patch to fix laser printing — The HP 3000 division showed evidence that it is making HP’s printer group more aware of the business server, to improve communication between MPE/iX and the latest LaserJet products.

3000 vendors to get notes on future boxes — The SIGSOFTVEND meeting at HP World included advice on channel stability

Online Extra No. 54

6.5 performance is key to upgrade path
HP is offering a LaserRX alternative: Lund's SCOPEUtil
Cutting edge beta: the 3000 uses Jserv servlets
Perl does a CGI speedup for the 3000
No Carly live at HP World: Superdome calls instead
No SIB improvements on this year's MPE/iX
Be at HP World in spirit: post roundtable questions
TraceRT will get more stable
PURGELINK can be your friend
US-based 3000 sales outlets have online Web pointers

September 2000

3000-based training options and applications are alive and growing
Customers watched at HP World for signs of corporate 3000 recognition

HP's top marketeer has left the building
HP is shifting its software and compiler prices as it tosses out tiers
The Spring Fling discounts flow through Fall for some 9x7 owners
The US court postponed sentancing on one Hardwarehouse defendant
The big XP512 arrays are ready for HP 3000 use

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September 2000

Training options stretch to meet demand — A computer platform less well-known than others is getting more options to introduce IT professionals to its details, as third-party firms bolster HP’s 3000 education offerings that are playing catchup to customer demand.

First PowerPatch signals start of 6.5 implementationThis month HP’s e3000 division (CSY) made it easier to deploy its operating system that supports large files and extra memory, starting shipments of the first PowerPatch for the 6.5 release of MPE/iX.

Wall Street challenges HP's Q3 spin — HP posted a quarter that showed more than $1 billion in profits, met earnings expectations, and announced a stock split for this fall. So why are financial analysts complaining about the company’s Unix results?

e3000s help deliver news in Philadelphia — While the HP World conference kicks off with latest on the e3000 in Philadelphia this month, down the street from the city’s convention center the story of HP 3000 servers is old, reliable news. At the Philadelphia Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer, MPE/iX has been at the heart of Philly news operations for years.

Customers, ISVs adjust to Oracle's departure — The small installed base of customers using their HP e3000s as servers for the Oracle database is making plans for the vendor’s departure from the platform, while others say that having only HP’s databases on the system won’t cause much change for the 3000 community.

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Online Extra No. 53

Owl shirts go on sale as campaign heats up for corporate attention
Amisys users track HIPAA regulations
Java program makes spoolfiles into text to work with txt2pdf
Download a GUI version of NMMGR
Newest Java is required unless you've paid for full version of NS/3000
Watch out for the disk space requirement on 6.0's PP2
Powerhouse can behave better on your HP 3000 with these tips
Advanced Telnet finally surfaces in HP's beta test patches
SIGWeb lines up a great HP World meeting agenda

August 2000

HP extended the lifespan of MPE/iX 6.0
In a political season, customers campaign for HP corporate attention

Amisys users plan a meeting amid rumors of an ownership change

Interex will let HP World remain a summer show next year
HP World will include Web site winners and hospitality from a new player
HP’s cost of ownership comparison makes a start at 3000 strengths

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August 2000

Oracle to end support for HP e3000 — Company refuses to port Oracle 8 to MPE, will stop bug fixes for version 7 by year’s end

MPE programmers dive for Perl, embrace PythonCustomers are reporting on the emergence of Perl and Python for MPE/iX, a pair of languages that are being deployed in e-commerce and client-server configurations. Both languages are available for free download from the HP Commercial Systems Division Jazz Web server

Federal jury finds HP 3000 broker guilty of wire fraud — The US Attorney’s Office in Eastern California has secured a conviction against a founder of what was the biggest HP 3000 broker in the US, as Richard Adamson was proven guilty of defrauding HP while buying and selling HP 3000 systems.

Wilde takes R&D reins in HP 3000 corral — Commercial Systems Division (CSY) general manager Winston Prather has appointed a successor for the R&D lab manager post he vacated to lead CSY, naming Dave Wilde to lead HP’s 3000 engineering.

Online Extra No. 52

HP's busy cutting patches for 6.5
Customers await 6.5 PowerPatch, but not HBOC
Configure Apache easier with a GUI
HP World meetings for Maestro and Web surface
No, 6.5 doesn't need 4Gb of memory
PowerHouse Web demands more open security
No need to wait for IA-64 systems

July 2000

HP issued a rare security alert for the HP 3000
A new leader of the 3000 labs took over

HP defends its crown jewel in court, while hired police are on the defense

Auctions of used HP 3000s take an authorized turn

Instructions to install MPE/iX 6.5 look like they need debugging

HP began to add up the 3000's cost of ownership advantage

Alpha tests were in play for new Web-enabled FTP e3000 software

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July 2000

HP hones hardware channel for 3000 sales — In a move that HP’s North American 3000 distributor said was “an absolute necessity to get done,” HP and Client Systems reduced the number of US HP 3000 hardware resellers by two-thirds during May and June.

JavaOne shows off e3000 — Hewlett-Packard took its crown jewel to the world’s biggest Java ball last month, showing off the HP e3000 server at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco.

Garage opens to e3000 dot-coms — The newest HP corporate kickstart for Internet businesses is available to customers using its oldest business computing platform, as the e3000’s marketing manager secured HP Garage Program funding for Smith-Gardner sites.

Cataloging change in the 3000 market — The biggest meeting of Smith-Gardner customers showed a new architecture for a solution winning the most new e3000 business.

Productivity tools help counter staff shortages — Coping with a shortage of skilled staff, HP 3000 sites leverage current staff by automating to increase their productivity.

Online Extra No. 51

Comment on the four Enchilada proposals
The end for DeskManager mail is in sight
Cognos rolls out Axiant 3.0
Use Checkpoint Improvement option if you're on 6.0
Fiorina says Unix sales are a bellwether for HP
Free scheduling tool will get update
Apache Web server gets new features
HP posted online, searchable 3000 docs you can print

June 2000

HP opened up the Garage doors to HP e3000 customers
HP has been helping to pay for police investigations of 3000 brokers

Customers are learning extra memory doesn't always work on 6.5

You can have your say about how HP will improve the 3000

ORBiT is offering a tool to help get old backups onto newer media

Lund marks up an alliance with Smith-Gardner e-commerce sites
DDS-4 is within the reach of HP e3000 systems
HP got into Amazon's pocket for e-commerce, but without the 3000

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June 2000

New HP depot plan to touch 3000 channel — The only US distribution outpost for HP e3000 hardware is distributing a key element in the HP e-services push: a pair of Web sites that will link resellers with service providers, and customers with resellers.

GNU compilers get support plan for 3000 — A customer base that does a lot of home-grown programs gets more supported compiler options this month. HP 3000 owners can now get official support for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) including C++ from Allegro Consultants

All-Java commercial application for 3000 surfaces — New ground for Java on the e3000 platform opens up this summer as Minisoft prepares to roll out eFORMz, an all-Java application designed to run under MPE/iX but available immediately for a broader marketplace.

WebWise launches 3000 e-commerce suite — As HP began to ship its first secure Web server for MPE/iX in late May, the product signalled a beginning to a road of Internet e-commerce services for the platform, not the finish.

MANMAN users get regional meeting update — One of the most widely installed applications on HP 3000s is scheduled for a customer-driven update, IT managers learned at regional user group meetings of the Computer Applications for Manufacturing User Society (CAMUS).

Newest ADBC accesses more 3000 files — Advanced Network Systems has released ADBC version 2.1.0, which adds supported Java classes to handle MPE, KSAM and spool files.

Job, spooling, report tasks get new option — HP 3000 datacenter managers can tap a new resource this month as JobAlert/3000 makes its debut for MPE/iX systems.

SpeedExpo focuses on Internet advances — Web and wireless were the key technologies receiving attention at the SpeedExpo 2000 conference hosted at the beginning of May in Montreal, Canada, by the SpeedExpo International User Group.

Database tool vendors make bids for DBChange customers — HP is proving it’s willing to pass its software customers on to third-party alternatives this month, as its DBChange Plus sites learn about offers from three companies ready to replace the IMAGE utility. One company has an extra bonus it’s offering as a lure through the end of this month.

NewsWire Briefs:

Online Extra No. 50

HP breaks out with its 2Q report
PA-8700 en route for e3000 processors; 8600 expected next year
HP releases official WebWise pricing; shipments start May 22
Smith-Gardner, Summit roll out user conferences
MARUG meeting to include 3000 security, tech training
Update: IA-64 language plans
6.5 release heralds no HP-IB; HP has its customers check systems for peripherals
"Lightweight" PowerPatch 2 for 6.0 gets more popular
Plug up some security holes in 3000's inetd
What to do with Java: get 3000 disk reports graphically

May, 2000

HP is deleting its IMAGE database utility DBChange from its price list
Robelle changed its name as part of its new strategic direction

Secure Apache became HP WebWise on its release this month

SIGSYSMAN members chose a remote console through telnet enabler as top request

Quest got its SharePlex technology adopted by an ASP provider

HP took its e3000 message to customers Down Under

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May 2000

HP studies smaller 3000 hardware channel — Longtime HP e3000 hardware outlets in the authorized channel are having to prove they’re worthy of retaining reseller status this month, according to reports from integrators selling 3000s for HP.

HP datacenter provides first e-service evidence — The first application occupies space in HP’s IT center alongside HP company operations. More than eight months after HP announced an e-services initiative for the HP 3000 customer, a single application is running in the HP datacenter where apps-on-tap go to live.

HP lawsuit against broker goes on hold — US Computer wins a stay of HP's suit pending state criminal trial, and files a motion describing search tactics. HP had to put off its lawsuit efforts against a broker of HP 3000 equipment when a judge ordered a temporary stay of the HP suit against William Conley and US Computer Corp.

Phoenix sells off used 9x7s for a song — Flush with the older, smaller HP 3000s, the authorized distributor for used systems in North America cuts some prices

Development suite offers 3000 Web deployment — Web Dimension goes on sale this month to give 3000 sites a way to get their applications Java and Web ability

Speedware helps HMO Web-enable Amisys claims — Using Autobahn, a California HMO offers Web claims processing to the rest of the 3000 healthcare market

Smith-Gardner upshifts to Ecometry app — MACS adds Web tools, and a data mart, pllus more reliance on non-3000 platforms

NewsWire Briefs:

Online Extra No. 49

989 gets firmware update to fix its clock and halts
Adjust your 3000's time for daylight savings shift
Interex sets its 2001 HP World show dates for spring
Things are changing for 3000 enterprise backup
Optimize your backups for TurboStore with HP white paper
Compare source files on the 3000 with a free utility
ODBC Workshop set for Houston in May
3kworld chat: Use ODBC and PCs to keep license counts low
HP to drop several 99x memory modules this summer

April, 2000

HBOC drops Amisys Open, as HMOs hope for more attention to the 3000
HP shipped off its 6.5 MPE/iX just at deadline
Amisys wants its users to leap into the newest MPE/iX
Financial solution CODA has changed hands again
When is an Express Release not an Express Release?
HP's Spring Fling for 9x7 owners is in the air

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April, 2000

Hardware sales pass through reseller compliance scrutiny — An HP channel rule to add value in application e3000 sales is sending customers to unauthorized brokers. A dispute between an e3000 HMO site and its application vendor over purchasing extra hardware shows how serious HP has become about resellers adding value during system sales. The HP policy is forcing the HMO customer to purchase an additional e3000 outside HP’s sales channel, according to IT staff at the HMO.

HP reveals more language plans at SIG — Developers attending the recent SIG3000 Languages Day learned more about what will be supported in upcoming versions of the e3000 operating system, and what won’t make the first release cut. True 64-bit address space won’t be available when the first IA-64 HP 3000s ship.

Meetings make ISV community — At the heart of the Las Vegas strip, a group of HP 3000 customers are placing a sure bet. They’re wagering that three days spent in this town of chance will help their careers and their organizations.

Reflection gains Windows 2000 updates — WRQ’s e3000 connectivity software adds VBA 6.0 support, improved customization in its Version 8.0

Libraries get SAN fiber link to 3000s — A forthcoming combination of a backup tool and storage routers will connect the biggest devices with e3000s near-line

Tape drive issues surface at Symposium — With both half-inch tape units and HP-IB support going away before long, HP and its customers need to find alternatives

NewsWire Briefs:

Online Extra No. 48

HP corrects 997 performance ratings; benchmarks for e3000 still in limbo
3kworld does facelift on site, links live to 3000-L listserver
Administration guidebook for e3000 gets underway
HP Jazz Web site hosts middleware tutorial
e3000 fans speak out in InformationWeek
Wide editing tool available for free
Smith-Gardner gets Dream-y with WebOrder, plans to integrate WAP
Hidden Value: Getting $STDLISTs
What's holding up traceroute? Token Ring
Guidelines for building Web applications on e3000s

March, 2000

Cognos rolled out its long-anticipated PowerHouse Web
WRQ changed EnterView to Reflection for the Web

Third parties are discounting in HP’s coupon book

Lund lets loose with a new Windows forecasting tool for 3000 performance

Millware set its wheels in motion for new connectivity options for the e3000

Minisoft is taking its Web Dimension development suite into beta

HP wants help on the Shared Source project for MPE Java class libraries


March, 2000

Prather charts e3000 mission at Symposium — General Manager of division tells capacity crowd that rebranding addresses top problem for system

Visage fades from HP VPlus makeover plans — An HP proposal that would have lead to a standard for HP 3000 graphical interfaces has been overwhelmed by a groundswell of products to improve the looks of MPE/iX programs.

SIG3000 MPE meeting updates OS advances — SIG MPE showed off the features of a new patch that provides Store to Disk, as well as hints of an alternative to Mirrored Disk/iX in the months to come.

SIGIMAGE continues HP's database legacy — SIGIMAGE, the Special Interest Group for HP’s award-winning database management system IMAGE, held its semi-annual full day meeting during Database Day at this year’s SIG3000 conference. Once again, the group lived up to its reputation of delivering the epitome of excellent user-to-user and user-to-vendor communications.

SIGIMAGE keeps Enchilada proposal on ice — An IMAGE enhancement to provide information about the 3000's database remains frozen in design debate

HP rolls out Eggroll enhancement plans at SIGIMAGE — An IMAGE/SQL database enhancement is on the way that will make e3000 databases more compatible with PC reporting tools and PC databases.

HP commits to Samba futures for Internet — HP will be updating its Samba/iX file sharing tool and is considering whether to support PHP for the HP 3000.

HP keeps investigation of net printing hot — Customers at the Symposium were encouraged to keep the HP Response Center from trying to close calls on Page Level Recovery failures

Developers hear about RSA security offer — Customers can order the BSAFE-C SSL software kit from RSA — a purchase that will come from Australia to comply with US export regulations.

Secure Web services get detailed at SIG — HP plans to keep its Web server current and include 128-bit full-strength encryption in the release this May.

Speedware price cut earns Symposium notice — Autobahn II's unlimited developers, unlimited user runtime license price has been cut to $9,995.

Symposium includes HP's first XML mention for e3000 — HP e3000s will support the emerging XML Web language.

Symposium's schedule rich with training — e3000 customers at the 3000 Solutions Symposium had a rich array of training seminars to choose from

Documentary's early cut gets sneak — Symposium attendees got a sneak preview of a film by Chris Gauthier covering their favorite computer system

Online Extra No. 47

HP ponders how to sell its N-Class quickly
A 4-user license is now available

9x7s off support by early 2002

A note on FLOCK and FREAD

Getting a 8-digit date from COBOL

Apache moves on, even as it lands on 6.5

PHP gets a port to the HP e3000

An FTP alternative for the 3000

How to succeed in getting a Classic Y2K-safe

February 2000

DBChange customers now have a free place to go
Speedware's conference calls on 3000 developers this spring

Whisper Technology released its Programmer Studio Version 2.

Customers can hope for change in the new LineJet printers

HP set up an Open Source home for e-speak

WRQ kept its spot in the 100 Best Companies to Work For

ROC's Formation supports MaxiCode symbols


February 2000

HP wires e onto its 3000 brand — Hewlett Packard’s 3000 division (CSY) renamed the HP 3000 as the HP e3000 this month, the first change in the product’s name in its 27-year history and evidence of a new mission for the system.

HP says new broker suit protects 3000 customers — HP filed another lawsuit against defendants accused of illegal sale of HP 3000 systems, a civil action that HP 3000 officials say is designed to protect the value of used systems. The lawsuit filed in US district court contains allegations that bear a strong resemblance to HP’s 1999 civil suits filed against brokers Hardwarehouse and Abtech.

The Phoenix Alternative — As HP tries to shut down unauthorized brokers, its used 3000 source is trying to gain altitude

CSY managers chat about 3000 futures — A one-hour chat with CSY General Manager Winston Prather drew 125 users from the US, the UK, Australia and India on 3kworld, with a lively discussion of HP 3000 licensing policies, benchmarking the system, and whether HP would include free third-party software on future MPE/iX shipments.

3000 shop rebuilds on a strong foundation — Long Beach uses VB-View and Powerhouse know-how to give building inspectors client-server correspondence

NewsWire Briefs: 3kworld IT upgrades, more PLR bugs, CEO windfalls and a new Web tool

Online Extra No. 46

Expect 3000 Internet news from HP early next month
Advice for DBPUTing to avoid aborts

How to work around a minor Powerhouse Y2K glitch

Get the Apache Web server on a CD for free

Get on 6.0 for Apache support

Using the right COBOL function to get dates on a 3000

Hear about Java's future at SIG3000 next month

Tips on downloading the latest Patch/iX

Celebrate 40 years of COBOL next week

January, 2000

New Year's Eve spawned more yawns than eye-openers
With a New Year upon us, HP filed another lawsuit against a broker

SIG3000 connects HP engineers with customers on Feb. 15-17

Four days of 3000 training precede the SIG summit

Meetings in North Carolina and Florida round out a busy training month

Installed Express 1 of 6.0? You may need a better Patch/iX

Full Apache Web support is waiting on the 6.5 MPE release

Telenomics became part of the Cybertel operation

The first 3000 license was sold on eBay


January, 2000

HP tightens up on 3000 license transfers — One year after HP began investigating the illegal transfer of licenses for HP 3000 operating systems, its reforms are letting some customers sell systems in a reasonable amount of time. But at least one sale in 10 is taking more than two weeks to clear HP’s new checkpoints, which include more rigorous documentation.

Java map shows promise for 2000 speed — HotSpot technology promises to bring supported, free compiler into production use at 3000 sites

3000 passes hospital tests with healthy marks — A fleet of robots answers to an HP 3000 for a Swedish hospital at a site with advanced automation capabilities

Autobahn II takes 3000 beyond Web data services — The newest version of this Speedware suite makes a case for letting 3000s do more than feed Web servers

3000 product directory gains online updates — SolutionStore/3000 Web site offers free listings with new password-protected update abilities