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January 2004

OpenMPE director agitates for HP action — An OpenMPE board member has published a letter urging HP to “free MPE” or face a boycott of its products by customers. HP issued a reply to that Ken Sletten letter — a statement from HP’s 3000 business manager Dave Wilde saying the vendor is still working on helping its customers who must remain on the platform.

Storage upgrades fuel homestead business futures — Now that HP is no longer selling the server, the moving parts in an HP 3000 make up the best opportunity to improve the systems. Of the thousands of servers that still form the backbone of businesses, many will access disk drives every day that are nearing an end of life. HP has advised its customers the end of the system’s life is near — but consultants say that end of life claim is an accurate evaluation about the average HP 3000’s storage devices.

Transact sites eye new future — They represent the best of HP’s intentions for business computing. But the sites still using applications written in HP’s Transact language have a firm deadline for the end of their support. By this year’s second quarter they will have a way of moving onto a language with a longer support lifespan.

Factory rides ACUCOBOL-GT onto Windows — Once HP made it clear that support for an A-Class 3000 in Mexico would become costly and risky, a manufacturing site moved its programs to a new COBOL, then to Windows.

ROC Software expanded its datacenter choices for 3000 alternatives
Interex will open up its Symposiums beyond 3000 subjects
ScreenJet is making milking move away from the 3000 in the northeastern US
Records of the Wake will stay online
HP’s response to Sletten's complaints was to restate its messages for homesteaders

Online Extra No. 94

HP opens license org for intellectual property
Transact gets even more migration attention
Look for the less crippled N-Class boxes
eBay sale nets less than $700 for a Series 918
HP reorg may mix enterprise, support business
What a reprieve looks like: Microsoft and Win98
Getting perl to run on HP 3000s
ORBiT gets customers to look at the calendar

February 2004

OpenMPE shuffles its leadership deck — One year after HP announced an intent to create new licenses for MPE, and two years after OpenMPE was founded, the volunteer organization has been rearranging chairs among directors. Some homesteading sites despair of these efforts being like the movement of Titanic deck chairs. Others see a titanic effort still in front of the group, one that HP might still be able to help.

ViaNova moves MPE service, apps off hardware — Some HP 3000 sites are stepping into a new environment with their old boots — moving MPE applications through a rapid migration process that can use Unix, Linux or Windows servers to drive MPE application computing.

Homesteaders carry on during post-sales era — HP has stopped selling the 3000, but that doesn’t mean the server isn’t generating commerce anymore. Customers who intend to stay on the platform beyond HP’s support deadline are still sparking sales and support revenue, even after the system’s vendor has left the market.

Dancing with Big Blue Wolves, by Alan Yeo — A European correspondent reports on IBM’s latest efforts to win HP 3000 customers over to the iSeries pack, starting with the independent software vendors in Europe

Ecometry released the prelude to its cut-away from 3000 apps
OpenMPE probably can’t compel HP by law to negotiate
HP is hiring for TurboIMAGE expertise
Bradmark is changing its pricing model
A Systems Improvement Ballot will emerge again for the 3000
Open source parts of MPE are pretty future-proof

Online Extra No. 95

HP to extend support for MPE/iX version
HP to unveil OpenMPE help schedule
OpenMPE starts board campaign
HP quells rumors of bad printer month
NEORUG, CAMUS offer user group meetings
Java gets new 1.5 version; MPE doesn’t, yet
PA-RISC rolls out new chip generation

March 2004

HP extends its support for MPE/iX 6.5 — HP has changed its mind about how long it will support a large group of its HP 3000 customers. HP wouldn’t promise its support plans would be the last HP roadmap item to shift, either — but the company doesn’t want its 3000 customers to think the changes mean an HP change of heart about the platform.

Interface package extends 3000 applications’ reach — Finding new software that can remake HP 3000 applications isn’t difficult in the transition era. What’s become rare is the new program that lets developers improve apps on MPE/iX, while carrying those enhancements to other environments, too. A new software product proposes to let 3000 shops do such transformations.

SIB solicits better future for MPE/iX — HP has been encouraging 3000 customers to ask for enhancements to the computer’s operating system, so the 2004 version of the Systems Improvement Ballot has appeared online this month. The ballot includes a section HP didn’t request, though: a place to vote for improvements to HP’s strategy regarding the computer it has stopped selling.

Ecometry steps to next platform — Features that won’t be in the HP 3000 version of the Web commerce program have already emerged for Ecometry sites — while those sites look for faster HP 3000s before migrating

Phoenix will still deliver 3000s from HP to customer sites
PowerHouse customers can expect migration-ready versions soon
Disaster recovery puts HP 3000s in service at BlueLine
HP brings new secure Web features to the 3000
An HP first quarter without 3000 sales turned out some enterprise profits
HP will be announcing more homestead help, but a little later
Solutions at this month’s Interex Symposium include 3000 guidance

Online Extra No. 96

Looking for truth about used 3000 prices
SIB ballot shows hottest interest in big items
OpenMPE might be even quieter about HP talks
New DDS drives work with HP 3000s
Itanium 2 server helps with migration test drives

April 2004

OpenMPE gathers votes, challenge — The independent group brought on new board members and faced and old effort to woo help from HP. The vendor had promised to release a roadmap of its timetable to help homesteading customers, a communiqué HP first said it would deliver by the end of January, and then in February. The tardy HP response was a key issue in an election where every candidate won. Five of the six volunteers running for board positions were elected. After the vote, the board named the sixth candidate to a just-vacated post when another director resigned.

Improvement ballot shows customers thinking big — HP 3000 users have told HP’s 3000 management they want a decision this year about the future of their computer’s operating system source code. But the winning item in the latest Systems Improvement Ballot (SIB) may become another request that HP refuses to honor.

HP sues to recover MPE fees — The HP 3000 will make more than $1 million for HP this year, even though the company is walking away from the business. The company agreed to settle for $1.4 million in lost licensing revenues related to 194 systems sold by Hardware House, in an echo from the civil and criminal trial actions started five years ago this spring.

CAMUS meeting shows MANMAN strategies, by Terry Floyd — ERP users at regional CAMUS meetings hear about MANMAN’s outlook from a user due to migrate, as well as the future of the 3000 and options for transition.

HP opened up its wallet to OpenMPE
Amisys Synertech touted new HP-UX sites for migrations
ERP supplier eXegeSys proved eXsyst Anywhere can move apps
April and May conferences welcome early birds, even late
IBM invited 3000 sites to look at COMMON ground

Online Extra No. 97

HP hardware, not software, should make conversions
IBM's adaptations, versus HP's
Amisys opens consulting business
PatchWatch: Measurement Interface fixed
HP 3000 flies highest in online success
GHRUG offers wireless workshop
HP steps away from Customer First news

May 2004

HP sets summertime conversion update — When HP reported that it will re-consider the conversion of HP 9000 systems to HP 3000s, with an update during June, some 3000 customers were encouraged. But while migrations did not turn around on HP’s news to the homesteading and OpenMPE community, the prospect cheered the majority of sites without firm transition plans

Symposiums scale for new platforms — Spring conferences from Interex showed that size still matters. Content beyond 3000 issues drew no bigger crowds, but those on hand could learn how to size replacement systems

Speedware spruces up product portfolio — SpeedWeb, along with the flagship development tool from Speedware, gets enhancements to help train.

IBM made changes to try to attract more to the iSeries
Interex signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Encompass for HP World 2004
MPE systems will support LTO tape devices
WRQ added advances in FTP technology in Reflection
Ecometry conference will show both migration, MPE enhancement skills
VEsoft, GUI Innovations ended relations with OmniSolutions
HP rolled out beta test patches for bundled WebWise
Those old line printers are worth hundreds in a trade in

Online Extra No. 98

HP fires all cylinders in quarter, but promises TSG cuts
IBM touts “Migration Factory”
PatchWatch: Ultrium LTO support arrives
DDS compatibility made easy
Ecometry crows over 3000 users’ success

June 2004

HP offers updates on MPE improvements — When a talking dog drops a few lines of a Shakespearean sonnet, few would quibble about the omission. 3000 customers were taking the same view of HP’s response to the tactical items on this year’s HP 3000 Systems Improvement Ballot (SIB). Like the talking dog, the concept of HP continuing to enhance a server it no longer sells seemed a miracle more important than which enhancements are left out.

Support alternatives ramp up offerings — HP predicted the 3000’s ecosystem would enjoy a revival after the vendor announced it was leaving the market. But one of the new opportunities deducts HP from customer support

IBM rebrands to boost 3000 alternative — The iSeries got a new name and the ability to run Unix apps as IBM opened midrange doors to virtual OS

NewsWire Briefs

Major shareware creator leaves HP for the open market
Samba may beat faster with new release
HP makes configuring 3000 replacement systems, parts easier
Sendmail runs on MPE/iX 6.0 3000s

HP and OpenMPE agree on a new disclosure pact
HP promised even more profits to analysts
Interex showed off a first look at MPE content for HP World
The 3000 community wants to meet on the HP World show floor
Powerhouse 8.49 posts a stable, unspectacular 3000 upgrade

Online Extra No. 99

MPE’s future growth may not lag much behind HP-UX
WebWise secure server patches updated
HP’s Web support makes top 10
HP is buying itself back
TSG brings on MANMAN vendor expert
PatchWatch: Preventing hangs on large file IO
PatchWatch: Minidumps work again on Autorestart

July 2004

HP opens the door to 9000-to-3000 conversions — Five years after it prosecuted hardware brokers for illegally changing used HP 9000 systems to HP 3000s, HP has agreed to do the same thing so it can create fresh servers that can boot up with MPE/iX instead of HP-UX. For a limited set of customers, HP will turn Unix-booting servers into MPE-capable systems.

PowerPatch packages MPE’s latest updates — The second of HP’s collection of enhancements and patches for the latest version of MPE/iX rolls out this month, offering better tape and HA storage for users of 7.5

ROC gives Maestro new notes for Open Systems — Seasoned MPE scheduler breaks out into Open Systems version to manage multiple platforms

Community sponsors gave HP World attendees a 3000 stronghold
An FAQ told more about HP’s intentions to convert HP 9000s
Independent reports started to arrive about migrations
ORBiT offers a new spin for Fantasia sites
GHRUG teams up with an Interex pro to teach wireless
Amisys announced another Advance convert

Online Extra No. 100

HP World 3000 stronghold’s site has shifted
Upgrade shows VPlus “gotchas”
Why upgrade your Samba?
Ecometry hosts Olympic meeting
Acucorp eases path to Oracle, away from HP compiler
PatchWatch: Get Traceroute back for 7.5
Analysis: IBM crows about SAP-iSeries success

August 2004

HP World stands at brink of change — Interex, the HP user group built on a mission of advocacy, is advocating attendance of the HP 3000 community this month at the group’s signature, sustaining event. But this year’s HP World will mark the last soiree where the systems vendor and its oldest user group will dance cheek to cheek.

Migration reports start to emerge — Years after HP said it would wash the 3000 out of its hair, vendors report the start of successful suds

Perl moves PDF files onto 3000 — Homesteader turns to open source language and low cost software to eliminate paper reports at school district

Business law sparks MPE software revival — Sarbanes-Oxley compliance deadlines arrive soon, so Bradmark ramps up sales of its DBAudit

Uh-oh: HP’s server business skidded this summer
Transact users can ride a smooth integration to migrate
Migrate or comply? 3000 sites can’t choose one
HP’s Technical Conference gets a spot in the Big Easy
POWER5 opens second IBM front against HP
Could be worse — at least Interex doesn’t face a rival user group
GCG Data sold its support assets to Vaske
HP 3000s need crucial DDX for IMAGE Jumbo datasets

Online Extra No. 101

HP patches move slowly through test
PatchWatch: Large File problems reduced
Heads roll over HP’s weak quarter
HP makes Itanium servers, training a bargain
European partners, customers tee up
Amisys Synertech names new COO

September 2004

OpenMPE aims at crucial quarter — OpenMPE board members opened up a showdown quarter at the organization’s HP World meeting, telling several dozen attendees in Chicago the group needs to raise $1.55 million in purchase orders by Nov. 30 to be ready to work in 2005.

Customers scour HP World for 3000 updates — HP arrived with talk of ramping down 3000 operations, albeit slowly. Fewer 3000 managers made the trip to HP World. So did customers and 3000 suppliers on the expo floor. Chicago’s Interex show delivered more migration news than homestead help.

Migration panel speaks to curious users — At one of the better-attended HP World sessions, HP gave a forum to managers who’d completed migrations.

HP updates storage projects in Chicago, by Steve Hammond — HP is investigating a new device driver project, supporting bigger disks, and offering HA solutions for MPE

Speedware is buying 3000 partners, starting with eXegeSys
A quartet of 3000 partners is aiming at the 3000 homesteader
Key 3000 resource Jeff Vance is back on his feet
Paul Edwards & Associates is delivering disaster recovery expertise

Online Extra No. 102

OpenMPE lays out its budget, seeks funding
Transoft purchases OpenVMS migration suite
Ecometry’s advances continue in Windows
HP buys up $1.3 billion of itself, all at once
Vance reports on his recovery
CAMUS is joining, not fighting SSA user group

October 2004

Itanium fails to drive 3000 migrations — Fighting for commodity status, the Itanium architecture is supposed to be winning with HP’s enterprise customers who are moving to HP-UX, like 3000 shops. But as HP dropped its Itanium workstations, few sites have plans to use Itanium-based servers to replace their HP 3000s

Customers find abundance of migration advice — A well-attended session at HP World delivered detailed field experience on how to migrate off 3000s

Storage Engine extends 3000’s IO reach — HP is better staffed for 3000 IO than any other development area. ORBiT Software has partnered with Neartek to serve the same 3000 need: Bring new storage technology into MPE’s grasp

COBOL SIG studies its sunset at HP World — The COBOL Special Interest Group met in Chicago to look for a new home for the language’s advocacy, and gave a report on the state of the newest standards

OpenMPE moves into its ninth inning next month
Intel’s profits rose 15 percent in its third quarter
Windows closed for most Ecometry platform jumps this year
Amisys shed some light on its heavier-weight Advance version
SSH will do the job for secure 3000 connectivity

Online Extra No. 103

MPE advance might be ported back
Vance retakes his saddle in recovery
MPE looks for a friend in Interex vote
Interex says HP commits to HP World ’05
iSeries makes blot in big quarter, offers big iron
Transoft joins Mainframe Migration Alliance
Samba, Apache get security alerts in HP-UX
HP managed to serve more banking

November 2004

After 3 years, 3000 transitions go into play — Three years of worry, waiting and watching have started to produce movement in the HP 3000 customers’ transition. But our news poll conducted on the third anniversary of HP's pullout from the 3000 market shows more than half will use 3000s after 2006, and the target environments are just as likely to be Windows as HP’s Unix systems

Consortium collects companies for one-stop 3000 solutions — Four veteran MPE companies have met this month to begin organizing a new consortium of HP 3000 vendors, aimed at the 3000 customer which HP has left behind

Query makes jump to HP’s Unix — Eloquence database developer Marxmeier Software has ported the popular IMAGE database tool for use on HP-UX

Samba sparked an HP 3000 security bulletin
Strobe sent its HP 3000 emulator into design
Speedware enhanced Autobahn for Web development
Transoft steered London's busses away from the 3000
HP fixed the 3000's Telnet with new patches

Online Extra No. 104

HP puts up big numbers for Q4
CAMUS chooses independent user group path
GHRUG looks for board members
Acucorp guides Finnish firm to Unix COBOL
Microsoft passes on Itanium for high-performance
Patches help sites avoid LargeFile aborts

December 2004

Emulator project rolls up its sleeves — A company with more than 20 years of experience building emulators has started design of a product to emulate the HP 3000. While this HP 3000 emulator is several years from being sold, Strobe knows from its HP 1000 emulator experience that a long timeframe is common in an emulator marketplace.

PowerHouse migration options open to Java — Designed to save development time, the PowerHouse language is starting to endure more products that promise to get HP 3000 customers off of the 4GL in less time.

ROC Software CEO Compton dies at 40 — A leading advocate of the HP 3000, whose company counts one of the largest installed 3000 customer bases, leaves behind a family and a growing datacenter vendor as his legacy.

OpenMPE fell short of its 100-system goal
WRQ founder Walker will retire, while his firm agreed to be acquired
IBM gave HP room to run in the PC race
PDF tools stayed up to date on the 3000
Interex started its hunt for MPE-based HP World content
HP 3000 volunteers continued to brace up the Interex board

Online Extra No. 104

3000 group engineer Vance retakes SIB work
2004 delivered critical patches
Cognos won’t code PowerHouse to MPUX features
Searching suggestions for MPEX
Intel takes on HP’s Itanium talents
Retranslate to avoid system aborts